Thursday, March 9, 2017

Back To Five Days

I admit it. I'm getting old. I can no longer do seven days a week. It takes a lot of research daily to keep up with these blogs. Several years ago when I worked two days a week for Avis, it was easier. But I was younger. My biggest problem was walking. Not writing and researching. So starting this weekend, I'm reverting to a five day schedule, which might let me get a little ahead on my research with the two days gained. I need these blogs to stay alive. But not seven days a week. It's worked so far.

A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION: Democrats are insisting on a “federal investigation” of their claim that the Russians meddled in our election to get Trump elected (why, is a mystery to me), thus invalidating his presidency (they think). Frankly, that's the surest way to make sure that such accusations will “go away.” Only ONE such investigation in the past, to my knowledge, has ever done anything concrete. That was Watergate. Yes, Nixon resigned, but that was his decision because he knew his butt was cooked, and it was not compelled at the end of any investigation.

FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP: I guess it doesn't matter if it's truth OR lie. If it supports “the right,” they're going to censor it. Liberals just can't stand to read ANYTHING that disagrees with their preconceived notions, and Facebook is going to pander to them. I guess they'll just have to go to their “safe space” and suck their thumbs. But that doesn't bother me, because I don't use Facebook for anything important. I'm barely on it. Sometimes I go weeks without going there, until I have nothing better to do.

STEALING FROM THE POOR: I've never been able to figure out the logic of this, but this is what the liberals (Democrats) think. Rich people got that way by “stealing from the poor.” How the HELL do you steal something from people who have nothing? It's not logical, but liberals not only HAVE no logic, they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and common sense! That way, they don't have to BE logical in what they do, and what they say. And common sense is completely foreign to them.

WILL THEY LET HIM GO? Is N. Carolina a “sanctuary state?” If so, will they let Maurucio go? Mauricio Funes Machado only beheaded his MOTHER with a rusty knife. If he lived in a “sanctuary city or state,” they might let the bugger go, and maybe we'd never see him again—until he kills somebody else, since he got away with it the first time (or is it the first time?). Nancy Peelosi thinks he should be given immediate citizenship.

NO WARRANTS AGAINST TRUMP”: Obama's intel director. James Clapper, who has already lied to Congress, under oath (and is not in prison, since he is a Democrat), says there were no “secret warrants” against Trump, and we are to believe that means Obama did not wiretap Trump without one. Obama is well known to treat the law as “just advice,” so it's easy to believe his minions DID wiretap Trump FOR him. We already know he wiretapped Flynn. That's how we found out he talked to the Russians.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? When Donald Trump told Hillary he would not necessarily accept the results of the election, she was appalled. NOBODY should doubt the results of the election! That's what she, and all other liberals and Democrats said--until she LOST, against ALL predictions of the pollsters. THEN, she was, all of a sudden, worried about the possibility that the RUSSIANS had “hacked the election” and made Trump's landslide election “impure.” What changed her mind? She LOST, that's what!

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