Tuesday, March 21, 2017

She Wishes

Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the biggest fools among Democrats (and that's saying something), says that Trump may resign. She's really getting desperate, if she thinks Trump, who wins just about everything he tries, will EVER just resign. She's proving that she's just “out there” in her thinking, although that's not unusual for ANY Democrat. They still don't believe Trump won the election honestly, although they've searched diligently and just can't find anything to prove it. But they continue to push their UNPROVEN theories.

ENORMOUS DEDUCTIBLES: In Kentucky, millions of people have health insurance under Obamacare, but some have deductibles as high as $15,000 dollars (fifteen THOUSAND dollars!), making their “insurance" totally worthless. This is how Democrats twist things to LOOK one way, when it is completely the OTHER way. Obamacare is an unspeakable horror, and should be KILLED, whether there is something to “replace” it, or not. There is nothing to replace. Yes, they have “insurance,” but it's WORTHLESS.

THE CLAPPER” CONTINUES: Kim Jong Un, the dictator who is always seen applauding himself while his generals, who have ribbons down to their knees on their uniforms, clap also or die, while our Secretary of State was in China telling him we would not tolerate any more missile tests, held yet another missile test. This guy must really have a death wish, because that's going to be the result of his “slaps in the face” to Donald Trump, who does not take them lightly, as Obama did.

ASHLEY JUDD UNHINGED: She needs to be institutionalized, for her own protection, I've heard some really stupid statements come out of her mouth, but this one takes the cake. She is now saying that “Trump's election as president is worse than being raped.” Has she ever been raped? Doubtful, if she really thinks that. I think her biggest problem is her party LOST, and lost BIG in the last election, and she just can't handle it. Maybe she should go home to her mansion and have a private tantrum, instead of the public one she is having, now.

WHAT COURT ORDER? They keep talking about the LACK of a court order to tap the phones in the Trump Tower during the election. But what about a tap that could have been performed WITHOUT a court order? They don't even CONSIDER the possibility of an ILLEGAL wiretap. Hmmmmm: I wonder why? Obama is KNOWN for his actions in VIOLATION of the law and the Constitution. So why is everybody IGNORING the possibility that he wiretapped Trump ILLEGALLY? And why hasn't Obama been held to account?

DO THEY WANT HIM DEAD? With all the stupid things the secret Service has been doing lately, one wonders if some of them really WANT him dead, so they get very sloppy in their “protection” of the president. They were so unobservant that they twice lately allowed a “fence jumper” to wander all over the White House grounds for up to 20 minutes before he was apprehended. Some of them took “selfies” of themselves with Donald Trump III while he slept, instead of manning their posts. Is this part of a scheme to rid us of the “Trump curse” once and for all?

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