Thursday, March 23, 2017

Boy, Is CNN Mad!

The British are calling the attack on the Parliament Building and a bridge in the vicinity “terrorism,” and that makes CNN very mad because they think that will “help Trump,” and they can't have that. I wonder what they'll do when they find EVIDENCE that it IS a terrorist attack. They'll play it down, of course, which is one reason their ratings are “in the toilet.” Of course, the Brits are equating that to “Muslim terror,” which means THEY are making that connection.

THE “RUSSIAN CONNECTION”: Democrats are insisting (without evidence) that Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected. But more and more we are discovering that the “Russian connection” is THEIRS. Top Democrat John Podesta, whose lack of computer savvy allowed information about DEMOCRAT meddling in the election to keep Bernie out of it to be exposed, was a BOARD MEMBER of a firm that is limited to RUSSIAN investors. I think there needs to be a Podesta investigation. But there won't be; he's a DEMOCRAT, after all.

FEINSTEIN--“SUPER PRECEDENT”: I guess that means it can't be changed, even of it is found to be NOT a constitutional decision (which is should be). Actually, there is NO such thing as a constitutional action that cannot be changed by subsequent action by “wiser heads.” And she can't create one by “saying so” about Roe v. Wade. Killing defenseless babies is a “Hallmark” of the Democrat Party, and she doesn't want it to be reversed. It has already meant the DEATHS of millions of helpless infants, and she has blood on HER hands.

NO GUNS INVOLVED: There were apparently no guns involved in the attack on the Parliament building in London. At least, not in the hands of the attackers. Their chief weapons seem to have been a car and a knife. Will the Brits ban knives and cars now? That seems to be their mentality. Anybody who would not arm ALL their cops need to have their heads examined. I'm pretty sure I know of at least one cop who died today because he wasn't armed when he should have been. In France recently, the cops who responded to an Islamic terrorist attack on a newspaper could do nothing because they were unarmed. So 11 people died.

CHELSEA GETS AN AWARD: For what? For being a Clinton, of course! That's all she's really ever done in her life. She got a “Lifetime Impact” award from Variety Magazine. It wasn't “on the come” as Obama's Nobel Prize was. They claim it was for her work with a charity. But many people have worked with charities, myself included. But she IS a Clinton, so it's one way to get a free speaker with a name, I guess.
NOTHING TO BACK IT: A New York State high school is putting Trump, Mussolini, and Hitler together is a course about Fascism. What IGNORANCE that displays in our education system! There is NO EVIDENCE that Trump is a Fascist. Only the unsupported declarations of ignorant liberals (a redundancy, there). There should be laws against teaching proven LIES, but unfortunately, there aren't. So ignorant “educators” get to promote their liberal lies without a problem,, and pollute the minds of our youth

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