Thursday, March 16, 2017

"We 'Let People' Make Decisions"

I heard a politician (or a bureaucrat, I'm not sure) say, on the radio today, “The reason Colorado is so high on the list of the numbers of voters who turned out is we let them make more decisions.” where the hell does he get the idea THEY can “let them” make those decisions? It's not a matter of them, “letting” people make decisions, if it is their RIGHT to do so. Way too many politicians think it is THEIR right to “let” people do things that are none of their business.

LIMITS ON JUDGES: There are THREE judges (not counting the judges on the “ninth circus court”) who have “ruled” on two of Donald Trump's executive orders regarding the vetting of those coming in from KNOWN Islamic terrorist supporting countries. Those “rulings” are based, not on the law or the Constitution, which is what they are REQUIRED to do. But there seems to be NO such limits placed on such judges, which gives them way too much power. If this is allowed to continue. Judges will RULE this country, with no limits on their “rulings.” They may already.

INCREASINGLY DANGEROUS N. KOREA: Kim Jung Un is going bananas. He figures his THREE nukes allows him to challenge the might of the United States, which has HUNDREDS of them, and can easily blanket his pitifully small country with them, on a moment's notice. If we detect ONE missile coming in our direction, we can make a steaming pile of dung out of his country minutes later. He is courting suicide if he keeps escalating his threat. He is the real “mouse that roared.”

MICHELLE'S SCHOOL LUNCHES: One of the biggest failures of the Obama administration is Michelle's school lunch program. It is doubtful if many children ever ATE one of her lunches. They threw them in the garbage, where they belong, and ate what they brought from home. Unless that was the plan all along—to revive sack lunches in schools—but I doubt she's intelligent enough to be that devious.

IT DIDN'T WORK THE FIRST TIME: So let's do it again. That's what legislators in Australia are thinking. Their highly vaunted gun ban resulted in a 300% INCREASE in gun crime in their country. So they're going to do it again, hoping for a different result. Wait! Isn't that the definition of INSANITY? Considering the fact that ALL the anti-gun legislation so far has INCREASED gun crime all over, we have to think ALL anti-gun laws (as we know them) are insane.

FIXATED ON MUSLIM BAN: Liberals are still calling Trump's immigration ban against immigrants from certain countries KNOWN to be terrorism supporters a ":Muslim ban," because most of those so banned from entry are Muslims. Since most terrorists ARE Muslims, it's not surprising that most of those banned are Muslims. But that's only a side issue. Their religion has nothing to do with it. It's the threats Muslims have made that are at issue.

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