Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Threatening Mass Suicide

Kim Jong Un, the fat little dictator in North Korea who likes to applaud himself, says he will deploy nukes (all 3 of 'em) “if Trump fires a single bullet at us.” He doesn't seem to understand that we have enough nukes to turn his entire country into a steaming pile of dung, within hours. His THREE nukes will be only a “feather's tickle” to us, while he and his entire population will DIE in the inferno. Truly “the mouse that roared.” He thinks it will “end civilization as we know it.” Actually, it will only end civilization as HE knows it.

FEINSTEIN: “SUPER PRECEDENT”: Liberal Sen. Feinstein says Roe V. Wade is now a “super precedent,” much like the “super delegates” Democrats used to make sure Bernie Sanders didn't have a chance in hell of being nominated, no matter how many primaries Hillary lost. It means that this “precedent” should RULE, against ANYTHING. Which is stupidly wrong. But that's to be expected with her. She's stupidly wrong on everything.

AMERICANS CLAMORING FOR CHELSEA” But they aren't. This is the way the Clintons build support for their ideas and their candidates. They put out a press release saying “the public is clamoring” for this or that, over and over, until many Democrat dupes begin to believe it, and jump on the bandwagon. Now they're pushing Chelsea Clinton for president, or some other public office. The Clintons will NEVER go away, until we have defeated them ALL. Even then, they'll keep trying to keep SOME power. To them, power is MONEY.

MAXINE WATERS, SHUT UP! Every time I hear Maxine Waters talk, I laugh. She knows so little about the law and how it works, it's hilarious, the things she says. Now she's saying to President Trump, “Get ready for impeachment.” If she has anything that would support impeachment, bring it on! Put up or SHUT UP, Maxine! Truth is, she has nothing but blather, and that's what she's best at spewing. That she keeps getting elected tells me a lot about the INTELLIGENCE of her constituents—or LACK thereof.

IT'S ALL TRUMP: A headline in the Washington Post says, “Trump bans use of cell phones on planes.” Trump/ not the airline. Not the government, generally, pushed by holdover bureaucrats who want to do ANYTHING to undermine Trump. Never mind cell phone use has been routine for years, before Trump became president. But that doesn't matter to liberals in the media. It's all Trump's fault.

THEY'LL USE ANYTHING: Anything they can to try and impeach Trump. Never mind Democrats assert that Russia helped Trump get elected WITHOUT EVIDENCE, they now want to impeach Trump for insisting (without proof--yet) that the Obama administration spied on him during the election, as if that were a “crime or misdemeanor” to make that assertion, also without evidence. They keep throwing things up against the wall, hoping something will stick. California is now planning on economically punishing anybody who helps Trump build his wall. That should be illegal, but apparently, it isn't. Not in the “People's Republic of California.”

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