Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Deranged Democrat

Didja hear about the deranged Democrat who “went off” on a Trump voter in an expensive restaurant, making a nasty scene, and even following the guy outside and continuing to rail at him there? (I'da punched him in the pie hole) I wonder if that was anybody important? You tell me. This “deranged Democrat” was Chuckie Schumer, Majority Leader in the Senate. This is the kind of politician Democrats regularly elect. Which is why, after LOSING the last THREE elections, Democrats KEPT their top tier of politicians like Nancy Peelosi. They woulda kept Harry Reid too, but he retired. Chuckie's just as bad, if not worse.

NUNES: “I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!” Good on ya, Devin Nunes! He gave the figurative finger to Democrats who are demanding he resign because he went to the president with his info that the president might well have BEEN caught up in surveillance of foreign operatives before telling his committee. There wasn't a THING wrong with that, except a small “breach” of protocol. And Nunes basically said, “Who cares what Democrats think? with his statement. Which is right and proper, since Democrats, being big LOSERS, have NO POWER now, except that they can usurp, which they're trying, every day.

MALE MENSTRUAL LEAVE: Women are pushing to get PAID menstrual leave every month. Menstruation is a normal cycle for women, and is only a minor discomfort, for the most part. And now they want three days off, WITH PAY. If they get it, look for MEN to soon be applying for it, since some men who think they're women, having made such a mess of women's bathrooms and changing rooms, are “feeling their oats” and are now saying “men can menstruate,” and think they can make it stick. Of course, that's a physical impossibility, since men don't have vaginas. Especially with liberals pushing such stupid ideas that there are 55 different sexes, and that some women have penises.

KOPPEL STYMIED: After Ted Koppel did a 45 minute interview of Sean Hannity and used just ten seconds of it to make Hannity look bad, he tried the same thing with Rush Limbaugh. He said he wanted to do a 45 minute interview, and Rush said no. Rush knows how such as Koppel work. He doesn't do taped interviews with them, period. That way they can't edit the tape to make him look bad, as they did with Hannity. Rush is smarter than the average bear. Apparently Koppel is on a “mission” to discredit all right wing voices. That's the only way he can stop their influence, which is hurting him with truth.

YOU MUST BE A BIGOT”: I guess I am, too, because I don't want a woman to be in the next stall to me when I'm in the bathroom “doing my thing.” And I'm sure few women want a MAN in the stall next to them while they do their business, either. There is a good reason to keep the sexes separate when they're in the bathroom or a changing room, and it has to do with SEX. Men LOVE to see naked women, some more so with YOUNG women (girls). They pay lots of money in “gentleman's clubs” to do it. There's nothing bigoted about not wanting men to ogle their naked young daughters, even if they do “think they're women." And liberals have nothing else they can say when you confront them with it. There's no real argument they can make, so they just call you names.

THEY ALWAYS GO TOO FAR: Some liberals have no concept of when they've gone too far. Such a liberal is Chris Matthews, who is comparing Ivanka Trump, who is merely an entrepreneur, with Saddam Hussein's murderous sons. How IGNORANT is that? To make that comparison between two bloody murderers and a young, pretty businesswoman, just because she's the daughter of a president he hates is not only ignorant, it's STUPID. He has just killed any residual respect I might have once had for him.

IT'S AKIN TO MONARCHY!” The California Chief Justice says Trump insisting on states obeying federal law is “akin to monarchy.” It is such ignorance on the part of judges that will contribute to the DOWNFALL of this country. How in HELL does insisting on obeying the law make Trump like a monarch, or a dictator, their other favorite word for Trump? It is judges like this who are advocating the VIOLATION of laws, and they should be REMOVED from the bench for it. There are way too many FOOLS like this on the bench throughout the country.

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