Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Firing Federal Attorneys

At least one federal attorney says he was FIRED by President Trump. So the hell WHAT? That's common when a new administration comes in, to get rid of the people appointed by the former administration. Former presidents did it—some of them DEMOCRATS. But now it is happening TO Democrats, and they think it is horrible that a president would fire his enemies who remain. What's the difference? They're DEMOCRATS, and hate Trump with a passion. They will do everything they can to undermine and dismantle his administration, and he is RIGHT to get rid of them.

DESTROYING FREE SPEECH: Liberals are working HARD to destroy freedom of speech while telling us it is THEIR free speech that is responsible. They SAY it is their RIGHT to stop conservative speakers from speaking anywhere because they disagree with them. And the liberal media yawns, because it is liberal “snowflakes,” who come out of their “safe spaces” and VIOLENTLY riot to block these people from speaking. These fools need to go back to their “safe spaces” and suck their thumbs, and leave the real people alone.

WE'RE SCARED OF TRUMP”: That's what I'm hearing from liberal “snowflakes” today. Some years ago they said they were “afraid of Bush.” But actually, they're not afraid of anybody. They're saying that they disagree with him, and thus want to destroy him. In America, you should not ever be afraid to speak up, about anything. But now, people are, because of “rampaging snowflakes.” Nobody in N. Korea ever says. “We're afraid of Kim Jong Un,” because they would be promptly MURDERED. Not so here. At least, not by the government.

IT'S LIKE HERDING CATS: One of the reasons why liberals (Democrats) win so often in the long run is that they line up, in order, and blindly support the ideas their “leaders” espouse, while Republicans and conservatives do not. Each one is an independent soul, with his/her own ideas, and he/she only promotes his/her ideas. That is best demonstrated today by the fact that many Republicans are against the GOP health care plan. Democrats “lined up” to vote for theirs, even though it was simple socialism. Republicans have their own ideas how it should go, and they oppose anything else.

OBAMACARE IS SOCIALISM: Intelligent people want no part of socialism in America, because it is based on THEFT of goods, services, and money from those who EARN it, to give to those who DON'T. It produces NO new wealth, and eventually fails. Obamacare IS socialism, since it depends on forcing young, healthy people to pay for services mostly rendered to older, less healthy people, which is the same thing. And forcing coverage of pre-existing conditions turns it into WELFARE.

IT'S THE WORDS USED: In 2009, Obama “replaced” a bunch of holdover attorneys as soon as he took over the reins of government. In 2017, Trump “ousted” a bunch of holdover Obama attorneys, and the liberal media lost their minds. One attorney had to be FIRED, and they're making a big thing out of it, even though firing the last guy's people is all part of “draining the swamp,” which Trump has PROMISED to do.

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