Monday, March 6, 2017

Phony "Pressure"

AG Jeff Sessions is “under increasing pressure” to resign in the face of UNSUBSTANTIATED accusations of contact with the Russians as a Trump surrogate during the election. They're saying he LIED to Congress about it, which EVIDENCE shows he did NOT. Democrats KNOW there's no such evidence, but they won't let up. They've already got one “scalp” in their crusade to discredit Trump and get him impeached, therefore negating the election. But, resignation or not, it won't work, with Trump.

DON'T GIVE AN INCH! That's Rush Limbaugh's advice when dealing with liberals (Democrats). And he's right. Give 'em an inch, they'll want to take a mile. They'll see that inch as a weakness and they'll pounce, looking for more. And that's what they'll do about Jeff Sessions actually recusing himself from any investigation into that phony Russian involvement in the election story. They pounced on Sessions after gaining the “scalp” belonging to Michael Flynn. Next, they'll go after the one belonging to Judge Gorsuch. They've already started on him.

REVERSING OBAMA'S LEAD BAN: It was a spiteful action of a frustrated anti-gun fool to ban lead in bullets that are used in hunting. But Obama made the rule on his last day in office, to make life hard for Trump's people. But Trump's new Interior Secretary reversed it on his first day in office. So much for that “parting shot” of a disgruntled ex-president. There are many more “parting shots” embedded in the bureaucracy. They will be found and removed. Count on it.

NEW “PAT-DOWN” RULES: Those of you who say the “pat-downs” you can get at airports are way too “intimate,” are going to be hollering more as the new rules go into effect. Now they say they will be “more intimate.” Translation: the officer gets to play with your genitals. No kidding. It's amazing what we are asked (no, DEMANDED) to put up with in order to get on an airplane. Look for this to come to train and bus stations, too. Anything the government does ALWAYS widens out and increases its focus. The terrorists have succeeded in changing the way we live our lives.

TOUGH GUY” WIMPS OUT: Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is the “poster boy” for “tough guys,” isn't so tough, it seems. He got into a “measuring contest” with Donald Trump, which he lost. When Trump criticized him taking over at “The Apprentice,” he told Trump he was the “tough guy,” and asked him why he feared him. Then he soon announced that he was leaving “The Apprentice” because Trump hatred has given it lousy ratings. Yeah, riiiight! It's all Trump's fault—sure!

GIVEN MEDAL—FOR WHAT? Obama has been given the JFK Medal of Courage—for WHAT? Sounds like the way he won a Nobel Prize—other liberals gave it to him “on the come” for things they expected him to do, but which he never did. By so doing, they ruined the very MEANING of the Nobel Prize, and now they've done the same thing to the JFK Medal of Freedom. Both former honors now mean NOTHING, thanks to liberals.

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