Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Democrats Wrong Again!

They're convinced that if they can keep Trump from keeping ONE promise, they can beat him in 2020. Of course, they were firmly convinced that they could beat him in 2016, too. And what happened? He “spanked” them in every way he could. He won the presidency in a landslide, the Republicans took over control of BOTH Houses of Congress, and Democrats lost 1,000 (or more) seats in legislatures and governor's offices across the nation. And they still think they can win. Hee. Hee! Har, har! Thanks, I needed a good belly laugh.

WE KEEP LISTENING: Why the hell do we keep listening to that fat-butted fool, Michael Moore, who keeps making biased “documentaries” that should be placed with the rest of the fiction? Now he's telling the Democrats (I don't know who else would be listening) to “not rest on their laurels” after the Obamacare repeal “went down in flames” and should get to work on a “single-payer system,” which is what they've always wanted. In so doing, he revealed the scheme Obama and his clowns have always been promoting.

REFUGEE WELCOME BASKETS: In Nebraska, Democrats are giving each new arrival “refugee” a “welcome basket,” that contains many “needed” items—including a voter registration card for them to fill out, so they could vote in the next election. Never mind that, as non-citizens, to vote would be ILLEGAL. Democrats don't care about that, as long as they vote Democrat. And Democrats say there is no voter fraud! They've probably already got the “Democrat” box checked, as well as the boxes next to Democrat candidates, “for their convenience.”

FEINSTEIN MISQUOTES SCALIA: She took a quote on an earlier case where he was QUOTING somebody to prove just the opposite of her contention that automatic weapons have no place in the hands of individuals and purposely MISQUOTED it to prove HER point in questioning Judge Gorsuch. Actually Scalia, in that same quote, when read entirely, affirms the fact that their mention of a “militia” meant ALL the people able to fight, so they could bring their own lawfully-owned guns with them when called up.

ONE SENTENCE REPEAL ACT: There are a few intelligent politicians left in DC, I guess. But the ones who wrote Trump's bill apparently aren't on that list. Their bill retained some of the worst things in Obamacare, to be passed under a new name. This was supposed to fool the world into thinking Obamacare was “gone,” but, as some politicians said, it was “Obamacare lite.” Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) introduced a ONE-SENTENCE bill to repeal Obamacare, and all changes mandated within. It's simple enough even members of Congress might understand it--if they read it, at all.

CNN ATTACKS FOX NEWS: Apparently yesterday was a slow news day. CNN attacked Fox News for actually having the temerity to cover a story roundly IGNORED by CNN and the other liberal news outlets—that of the young girl who was raped by an illegal alien (maybe TWO illegal aliens) in a school bathroom. Apparently, they don't like Fox covering REAL news when they ignore it. Of course, the lawyers for the defendants say their clients are innocent. Surprise, surprise! In cases like this, it's routine to CLAIM the sex was consensual, so the illegal aliens didn't rape her, even if she WAS only 14.

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