Saturday, March 4, 2017

Oprah for President?

There are many things the Democrats do that give me a good laugh, and the thought of Oprah Winfrey running for president is almost as funny as Hillary thinking she had it “in the bag,” as late as 9 PM on election night. And how badly she got beat in the last few hours. Another thing that is funny as hell is the Democrat reaction to Trump winning. At least, until they KILL somebody with their gratuitous violence. They have no idea how their antics put off people who might otherwise vote for them, and that they are doing more to destroy their party than Trump ever could do. That “white garb” Democrat women used to “show solidarity for female suffrage,” for instance. Tell me—where is it that women can't vote, today? It reminded me of a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) gathering, and was racist, as hell.

SHUT MICHAEL MOORE UP! Every time that fat lout opens his mouth he comes out with an inanity that means nothing except to show again, how STUPID he has become. At one time in his life, he may have done some good work, but today he has just gone too far in his silly opinions and cracks. I believe in free speech, but I'm getting really tired of hearing from this fool. He really needs to find out what reality is before he opens his fat pie hole.

CLEAN UP YOUR OWN ACT”: Democrat Senate Leader Chuckie Schumer says to Trump, “Why don't you clean up your own act before you criticize Democrats!” Which clearly shows his stupidity. Trump HAS his “act together.” Democrats never did. That's why he “beat Hillary like a drum” and has gotten more done in his first MONTH than any other president has accomplished in his entire term. But Chuckie can't see it. Maybe he could if he'd actually USE his glasses for something besides a noise point prop.

VERY BAD DECISION: Target stores quickly took up Obama's perverted bathroom policy that let MEN go into bathrooms and changing rooms with young girls, so they could ogle their naked bodies. So since then, Target has LOST $150 BILLION dollars. They SAY it's just “business changes.” but we know better. Now that Trump has reversed it, will they be so quick to comply? Or will they stupidly “double down” just to prove who's boss?

JUST INSIGNIFICANT CRAP: All The Democrats have to complain about is insignificant crap. They made a big thing out of Kellyanne Conway's frustrated response to their “boycott” of Ivanka Trump's clothing line, calling it an “ethics violation” when she suggested people BUY Ivanka's products in response to their ethics violation in creating that boycott. And it's still going on. Another silly pursuit is the “Russian connection” with Trump in the election. The more they fond NO EVIDENCE of any connection, the more they harp on it. If that's all they have to gripe about, they're in big trouble.

HOW SLEAZY ARE THEY? Louisiana Democrat Rep. Cedrick Richmond said that Kellyanne Conway on her knees was “a very familiar position for her,” which, to me, is an uncalled for sexual innuendo. This is the kind of ignorant and low remarks commonly made by Democrats about people with whom they don't agree. And since Kellyanne is largely responsible for Trump getting elected, she's a common target for their scorn.

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