Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Horse Manure Spreaders

That's the best way i can think of to describe the Democrats when they open their blow-holes and say something like, “Republicans just want you to die fast when you get sick.” Everything they say about the GOP today is “over the top.” The just can't get over being whipped so badly when they thought “the fix was in” to elect Hillary. They just didn't plan on the American people waking up and dumping them.

CLIMATE CHANGE BS: That's what climate change is: horse manure, spread widely. It has made a billionaire out of AlGore, its primary spreader, and allowed Obama to raise more billions of dollars in taxes, while making more laws and regulations to better control more people, and more industries. In reality, only two groups “believe” in climate change: One, the gullible; and two, those who wish to use it to line their pockets or increase their power.

DETERMINED TO BE STUPID: Chicago's top cop, who should know better, opposes a law now under consideration to apply longer sentences” for criminals who use guns in the commission of a crime. You'd think that would be a “slam dunk, wouldn't you? Because it puts the onus squarely on the shoulders of the lawbreaker, not the law-abiding citizen, as most anti-gun laws do. He seems to think it's just another way to put black men in prison. Maybe so. But if black men use guns in a crime, they DESERVE it.

ONLY WHITES ARE RACIST”: The University of California, Davis, says that blacks can't be racist, thus proving their colossal IGNORANCE. Blacks certainly CAN be racist! Not against blacks, because that would be really stupid. But against WHITES. And that's the kind of racism PROMOTED by Barack Obama, and the “Black Lives Matter” crowd. It's being promoted by blacks wanting to discredit all cops and destroy their effectiveness, so they can't stop black crime.

IT MAY BE HIS LAST: A former N. Korean diplomat who defected last year says that the nuclear test Kim just did might be his last. He hopes to test one with a 292 kiloton yield, much more powerful than the 20-30 kiloton nuclear tests, so far. They say that, to test one so large would “break his country in two.” But I disagree. I don't think Kim's nukes have anything like that kind of power, no matter how hard he tries. He may still blow himself and the rest of his country to powder while trying, however.

GETTING STUPID OUT THERE: Some high school students came to school wearing red, white, and blue clothes, to show their patriotism. And they were promptly labeled “racist” by other students for doing so. So they “wimped out” and apologized for doing what is their RIGHT to do. It's really getting stupid out there, folks! When you can't wear the nation's colors without being ostracized, it's getting pretty bad. Maybe these students need THEIR “safe spaces” where nobody can disagree with them, as liberals have.

IT WAS A FIZZLE: Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC, spent 20 minutes hyping her “scoop” about Donald Trump's 12-year-old tax return—well, two pages of it, anyway. They thought they had “hit the motherlode,” but it turned out to be “fool's gold.” There was “no there, there.” Turns out he paid a lot bigger percent of his income than many of the liberals' top mouths, probably INCLUDING Maddow. They paid 13% to 18%, while he paid 25%! Being rich, he should have been expected to have paid a lot less, right? The least boring part of it was her “lead-in.” Her breathless asking of many inane questions she hoped it would answer, and such. As a Fox anchor said, all she broke was “wind.”

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