Thursday, March 2, 2017

"Trump's Prop"

Bill Maher snarls, “War widow let herself be Trump's prop.” Oh, right? I guess that kind of thing is only a good thing when Democrats do it, as they have done on several occasions. Like the time Obama brought a "wounded warrior" Marine to one of his speeches. Only a fool would impute impure thoughts to her presence as an illustration of Obama's perfidy and his crappy “leadership.” But then, we know that about Maher.

OF COURSE IT'S RACISM With liberals, EVERYTHING is racism if it disagrees with their perverted views. So, of COURSE more gun freedom is racism, And the NRA is guilty of racism, AND “fear mongering.” Ever since Obama got elected, partly on the promise that electing a black man (him) would END racism in this country, forever, like most of his lies, that didn't happen. In fact, he helped it INCREASE. The white against black racism we had almost conquered, and the new Black against WHITE racism he, and his accomplices created.

KEEPING STUDENTS DEFENSELESS: Mike Bloomberg is determined to keep college students defenseless in the face of the growing threat from crazies who just want to kill a lot of people, to Islamic terrorists who want to kill everybody who doesn't convert to their phony “religion.” His deluded women's branch, MOMS Against Guns (or something like that), is similarly determined. He's putting a lot of money in several states to keep them from passing “concealed carry” and “constitutional carry” laws.

NOTHING BETTER TO DO: Democrats have nothing better to do than to complain about every move Trump, or anybody who agrees with him, makes. Their latest hissy fits include carping abut Trump having the audacity to use KETSUP on his steak, and Kellyanne Conway putting her feet up on a white House couch. It seems to me they have more important things to do than gripe about unimportant things like that. But they don't. They're desperately searching for something, ANYTHING, to use to criticize Trump.

BUT IT IS A CRIME! CNN says, “Being an illegal alien isn't necessarily a crime.” What the hell are these people SMOKING? Illegal is ILLEGAL! And that IS a crime! If they can't see that, I feel sorry for them. But then, they're a bunch of liberals, so they only see what they WANT to see, and discount anything else. That's what liberals DO. They operate on the very SUBJECTIVE philosophy that allows them to make their world like they want it to be, not how it IS.

I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT! I've been around a long time, but I've never seen the INSANITY the Democrats, and their accomplices, are displaying. Now a school in Georgia has SUSPENDED a student for supporting our new president, Donald Trump! Where the hell do they get the idea they can IMPOSE their political ideas on their students? Where do they get the idea they have the RIGHT to intimidate their students like that? Last time I looked, we were still in a free country, although under liberals, we are losing it, fast. And Trump just might be the only solution, which is why they're so adamantly against him..

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