Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Investigate Unproven Allegations

That's what Obama wants.He's talking about Trump's allegations about HIM wiretapping Trump just before the election. But not HIS unproved allegation about the Russians and Trump collaborating to beat Hillary. It's “abhorrent” if Trump does it, but perfectly logical if Obama does it. It's the seriousness of the “crime” that's important in investigating Trump, and finding no evidence REQUIRES an expensive, time-consuming investigation. But not with Obama's accusations. That's just a waste of time and money, right?

TYPICAL DC FEEDING FRENZY”: Laura Ingraham, speaking on Fox News, says the hooraw over the “Russian connection” in the recent election is “a typical feeding frenzy, based on NO evidence (my emphasis), and is feverishly overblown.” Which can be said for most of the Democrat “crises” about Trump. They insist Trump provide “evidence” of their wiretapping, then accidentally provide it, themselves, while still harping on their own “feeding frenzy without evidence.”

I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT: The Democrats are pushing the pipe dream that the Russians interfered with our election to get Trump elected. Why, in hell would they do that? Trump is as near an anti-communist as there was in the last election. BOTH Democrat candidates would have advanced their socialist dreams, if they had been elected. So WHY would they interfere to get TRUMP elected? Think about it, and use some logic.

OBSESSED WITH MUSLIM BAN: The Democrats and all their frieds are OBSESSED with trying to convince the world that Trump's travel ban is a MUSLIM ban, when it ISN'T. If it were, he'd simply ban ALL Muslims from entering the United States. He doesn't. They've seized upon ONE not-so-specific word Trump said to make us think so, when it is NOT so. And it is stupid to THINK so! Apparently, they don't mind being stupid. Stay stupid, Democrats! You're only beating yourselves.

WHAT'S HARD TO BELIEVE? Why is it so hard for people to believe Obama had surveillance on Donald Trump? He had surveillance on everybody else, so why not Trump, too? As much as he stuck his nose into everybody's business, it would be incredible to believe he didn't do so with Hillary's opponent, which was the same as HIS opponent. Obama probably stuck his nose in other people's business more than any other president in history. So why would Trump not be a subject for study? He is also known for flaunting the law, so why not wiretap Trump WITHOUT a FISA order?

FISCAL SUICIDE! Trump came out with his “replacement” for Obamacare, today, and retained the WORST possible feature that was in Obamacare. Pre-existing conditions. Forcing insurance companies to cover conditions that existed before the insurance was bought is the sure way to fiscal suicide! Frankly, I thought Trump was smarter than that, being a successful businessman. But apparently, he's not. Or he missed that in his reading of the bill.

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