Monday, April 3, 2017

More Liberal Idiocy

Alicia Keys recently published a picture of a ballerina wearing a burka as a “sign of equality” for Muslim women. Can it be that she doesn't see the damned foolishness of that? The burka is something that is FORCED on Muslim women by their men who would rather HIDE their women than repress their wanton, repressed desire to rape everything they see. And that picture itself, in which the woman is showing a lot of leg, would move a Muslim man to KILL that woman. Yet she thinks that picture shows “solidarity” with Muslim women! IDIOCY!

WHAT WHITE GUILT? At Loyola University Chicago, they have established a student campus club where liberal “snowflakes” (a redundancy, there) can go to commiserate with others about their “white guilt” and complain about the racism they see (imagine) in the world. What's to be guilty about? Because whites once held blacks as slaves? Who was it that enslaved them? It was their own black countrymen who kidnapped them and sold them into slavery, and not just to whites. Many blacks and Latinos held slaves, too. In any case, those living today bear NO guilt for PAST practices of people of their own color.

COLLEGE NOT REQUIRED: Liberals think (and push everybody to believe) that a college education is absolutely necessary in order to make enough money to survive. Except that is NOT true. It's a MYTH. Many PLUMBERS make a lot more money than most college graduates, many of whom can't read the words on their DIPLOMAS! There used to be classes in technical trades in all schools, to prepare the kids for living without a college diploma, which is something most families just cannot afford. At Loyola University Chicago, it costs $56,000.00 a YEAR for each student. There is NO education worth that much.

ROTARY INTERNATIONAL BANS GUNS: And gun owners. And any advertising having anything to do with guns that carried the Rotary International logo. And any raffles of guns by Rotary organizations. They're afraid of the “reputation risk.” They disregard the fact that, with the “bad guys” getting their ILLEGAL guns easily, law-abiding people having their own guns in self defense is an absolute necessity. You don't disarm yourself to be able to defend yourself. But these fools apparently don't understand that.

MORE STUPID POLITICAL IDEAS: It's a known fact that police politicians are more interested in protecting their own butts than they are in solving problems “rank and file” cops face every day on the street. That becomes obvious when you look at some of the fool ideas they promote. One such fool idea is the one that allows (forces) cops to “fire warning shots” instead of shooting AT a suspect who is shooting at them. This is being discussed (and recommended by) the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). That would result in more cops being killed since criminals are under no such requirement.

WAR ON GLOBAL WARMING DENIERS: For the last year or so, a veritable ARMY of state (Democrat) Attorneys General have been conducting a “witch hunt” on global warming (now “climate change”) deniers. This is one of the worst attacks on the first Amendment in American history. But they don't care. They can't answer our questions, so they're determined to “shut us up” when we DENY their idiocy. But the effort seems to have disintegrated, due to their own abusive enforcement practices. For my part, I INVITE them to try and prosecute me for truthfully saying that, ”global warming, under whatever name they use to fool Americans, is HOOEY!” It's a scam! It CAN'T be supported by facts, only by phony computer models.

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