Sunday, February 28, 2010


A term coined by Ann Coulter, but which was originally called “Carterism” by Ronald Reagan. It involved three phases: “1. If it moves, tax it; 2. if it keeps moving, regulate it; 3. if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

UNPAID GRAFFITI: An outfit offering graffiti to people who want to PAY for it misunderstood my comment about “graffiti artists not being artists” by saying, ‘In that case, The New Yorker is not a magazine.” He’s right, if you think that this magazine comes to you if you don't PAY for it, plastered all over your private property without permission. What appears on walls (without permission) all over is NOT art. It's trespassing and defacing other people's property.

TWISTING THE FACTS: Seth McFarlane, creator of The Family guy and American Dad, recently said Ronald Reagan would have prosecuted former Vice-President Dick Cheney because he approved of “waterboarding,” defining it as “torture.” This is a good example of liberals defining things to suit themselves so they can DECIDE what is, or is not illegal. Typical liberal twisting of the facts.

ALL LIBERAL'S (DEMOCRAT) FAULT: Every bad thing that has happened in this country such as depressions, recessions, inflation and such can be traced back (if you’re really looking) to a liberal (Democrat) administration in power. It doesn’t have to be a Democrat president (though that makes it worse), but a Democrat majority in Congress—or at least a near majority able to enact legislation inimical to the good of the American people (Reagan’s Congress spent $1.25 for every $1.00 his tax cuts increased the “tax take,” giving us a net loss of .25 for each dollar increase in the "tax take."

LOWERING THE BAR: Liberals think if they FOOL kids into thinking they’re smarter than they are, it’s a good thing. It isn’t. Soon these kids will be “in charge” and they’ll be fools to be overcome. Hopefully, they’ll be overcome first by good people not limited by a liberal education that favors lowering the passing grade to 40%.

ANTI-GUN FOOLS: Many times I’ve asked the “unanswerable question” (What makes you think a CRIMINAL, who breaks laws for a living, will OBEY a law that says he can’t be armed?”) of anti-gun fools like the former mayor of Denver (Wellington Webb) and they couldn’t answer. So they just called me names and ignored the question. I’ve never been able to get a coherent answer to this question from a liberal. Of course, this never stops them from making more and more anti-gun laws they can’t meaningfully enforce on criminals, but WILL disarm honest people and make of them “easy targets.”

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