Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Big Government Over"

Clinton said it, years ago. Have you seen any indication that it’s not one of his lies? Now Obama is saying it, and he’s lying, too. But that’s to be expected. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He says he’ll “go over the budget line-by-line” and eliminate waste. Instead, he has TRIPLED it.

TAX CHEATS: Did you know that FIFTY White House staffers owe many thousands of dollars in taxes? Yet they’re getting paid big money to help Obama figure out more ways to tax us more and more. If we did that we’d be punished. Not so, Obama’s friends.

INVITING TALIBAN TO “TALK”: They’re inviting the Taliban to a “peace conference.” They’ll send a representative, all right. But he’ll have a bomb strapped around his waist and will blow everybody there into little pieces.

OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLE: Peelosi says they’ll overcome any obstacle to pass Obama’s health care swindle. Maybe she ought to think about why there are so many obstacles. At least some time before her constituents get rid of her. Keep it up, girl! You’re helping us get rid of you and a lot more Democrats.

PRESSURE FROM “EXTREME RIGHT”: That’s how Democrats describe ANY questions about Obama’s stupid policies. ANY questions about Obama’s stupid policies MUST be a result of “pressure from the extreme right.” It couldn’t be that ALL Americans who have “woken up” to Obama’s extremes are putting pressure on. They just can’t understand ANYBODY but “extreme right-wingers” objecting to his policies. This is what’s going to defeat them, this year, and in 2012.

YOU CAN’T MEASURE “SAVED JOBS”: That’s why Obama is laying so heavily on them. He quotes figures made up out of thin air (like he does about most things), knowing nobody can prove he’s lying because there’s nowhere to go to find figures to do so. I thought Clinton was a good liar. Obama makes him look like an amateur.

TAX CUTS DON’T PAY FOR THEMSELVES: That’s what Obama says. How can he BE so stupid? Every time taxes have been REALLY cut, tax revenues have increased sharply. It happened when Kennedy did it; when Reagan did it tax revenues nearly DOUBLED. When Bush did it, they predictably increased, too. What the HELL is he talking about?

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