Thursday, February 25, 2010

Using Civilians as Shields

That’s what the Islamic terrorists are doing (in Afghanistan) Making SURE there will be civilian casualties they can blame on us. And our wimpy politicians fall for it, blaming our soldiers, along with our detractors. They drop their weapons, knowing our “rules of combat” don’t allow us to shoot them if they do, while others are hidden who do not, and kill many of our soldiers before they can react.

“TEA PARTY” SPLITS NEVADA: It’s the best news Harry Reid has gotten in a long time. The “Tea Party” has filed for political party status in Nevada. That just might help Harry keep the seat he has almost lost by pushing Obama’s very unpopular health care swindle.

“I’M FOR CLEAN COAL”: That’s what Obama said recently. But before that, he said “I promise to BANKRUPT the coal industry,” This notwithstanding the fact that there has not risen a cleaner REPLACEMENT for coal, and its disappearance would be a disaster for the country.

BACK AND FORTH” Joe Biden was all for getting rid of Saddam Hussein. Then he was all for ENDING the (already won) war in Iraq and declaring defeat. Then he was FOR the Iraq war again when it became “Obama’s war.” Now he says it is the “best accomplishment of this administration,” forgetting entirely that the only gains we have seen recently have come from continuing Bush’s strategies there. Jeeze! What a FOOL we (not me) elected vice-president!

“SHOOT BECK IN THE HEAD”: The Huffington Post has a problem with Glenn Beck saying the word “slaughter,” but has no problem with itself saying “I’d like to shoot Beck in the head!” What a bunch of fools!

ON “GETTING TROUBLE”: I get in trouble a lot because of things I say. And that’s a GOOD thing, because the people I get in trouble with are usually liberals. My kind of people don’t get mad at me for the things I say because they say the same things. Sometimes people come to me who used to hate me with a passion because of what I say and tell me, “You were right, all along, and I just realized it.”

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