Thursday, February 4, 2010

Complicating Things

That’s what government spends most of its time doing, so the “average person” (translation, “peasants”) won’t be able to understand it. I don’t think THEY understand it. The tax code alone is thousands of pages that NOBODY understands in total. In Washington, they’re busily trying to complicate it further, saying they’re just “coming up with tax breaks to help the economy.” If they were, they’d just lower the tax base, as Bush did, which will give people back their INCENTIVE. That’s simple and logical.; So they’ll never do it.

AGREEING WITH OBAMA: Businesspeople agreeing with Obama, and even giving him political contributions is like a guy throwing all his friends to an alligator hoping the alligator will eat him last.

UNFIXED: The stupid decisions that CREATED the economic disaster we’re in now have never been addressed. Now Obama is putting pressure on Fed Chief Bernanke to do more of the same.

COVERING CONGRESS: Any congressperson who votes for Obamacare should be forced to forego his/her cushy medical plan and be covered by the one he/she voted in for us.

WHY NO OBJECTIONS? Van Jones is a self-described communist, but Obama still appointed him to be the “green czar,” whatever that is. He was forced to resign. But there are numerous more radicals among Obama’s “czars,” still. Where is the outrage”? Why does nobody object?

NOBODY CALLS HIM ON IT: Obama gets away with the most outrageous lies because nobody (other than people like me) “calls him” on them The press most of all. That, to me, is media malpractice. They ought to be disciplined for it, but who will discipline them? Obama?

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