Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spending Our Way Out of a Recession

That’s what Congressman James Clyburn (naturally, he's a Democrat) says. That’s an old Keynesian theory that has been disproved many times, that you can get out of a recession through government spending of our tax money. Actually, the only way is to LOWER taxes and let the markets take over by creating the INCENTIVE to do business and create more taxable income.

RELEASING TERRORISTS: They’re releasing terrorists from Gitmo while “investigating” their interrogators. What planet are we living on where more consideration is given for bloody murderers of innocents than those who try to save lives?

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Did you know that Attorney General Eric Holder’s law firm is providing lawyers to DEFEND Gitmo terrorists, while at the same time TARGETING their interrogators? Is this, or is it not, a conflict of interest? What better way to DEFEND them than to charge their interrogators with wrongdoing?

THAT’S JUST ORFUL! The Supreme Court, with its decision that parts of the “McCain-Feingold “Incumbent Protection Act” was unconstitutional will “allow the wrong people” to have freedom of speech, according to Obama. The unfortunate thing for Obama and his gang is that this decision is one that is actually right, according to their mandate, whether he likes it or not.

TURN $50G INTO $5G: Typical Obama; offer $5,000 you have to spend $50,000 to get. It costs $50,000 or more to hire ONE employee, for one year. The only LOGICAL reason to hire ANYBODY is if that person can help you make money. Making $5,000 for hiring an employee doesn’t make sense if you have no need for that employee. But don’t expect Obama and his gang to understand that.

PEELOSI SPENDS MILLIONS: Not for anything important. She billed the government for ONE MILLION DOLLARS for going to, and taking her “entourage” to the “Copenhagen Swindle” that did nothing and was not SUPPOSED to do anything important except to give politicians an excuse to spend millions of tax dollars on a useless junket.

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