Sunday, February 14, 2010

Obama Putting Out Pure Hate

He hates the coal industry and has pledged to bankrupt it, notwithstanding that if it was gone, we’d perish. He hates profit, but gives billions of our dollars to large corporations because “they’re too big to fail.” What the hell does he expect them to DO with that money? “Not failing” IS making a profit!

PROFIT IS EEEVIL! That’s what Obama and other liberals say. So they’re giving billions of dollars to large corporations so they can--wait for it—make profits. There seems to be a “disconnect” between what they SAY, and what they DO.

“ONLY THE RICH WILL PAY”: That’s been the liberal litany since forever. It pushes the usual liberal “class warfare.” Frankly, is does nothing to help YOU if the “rich” pay more. And in the end, it’s YOU who pays more. They SAID “only the rich” would ever pay income tax. But now they’re auditing WAITRESSES and CAB DRIVERS for their TIPS! Only the “rich?” How many rich waitresses and cab drivers do you know?

NEVER ANSWER CHARGES: That’s the liberal (Democrat) method. Just call the person making the charges names for making them. For instance: Obama’s gang calls ANYBODY who criticizes Obama a racist. They’re not necessarily racist, but they start defending themselves against that and forget the original charge.

“FANNING THE FLAMES OF RACISM”: That’s what liberals (Democrats) say about Rush Limbaugh. But it’s really “race whores” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan who DO. Even Obama has been doing it. But nobody talks about that.

VOLUNTARY TAX: I’ve always wondered how the feds managed to con us into believing the income tax was “voluntary,” since they will fine you heavily and even send you to PRISON if you don’t pay it. This “Garfield” strip makes it plain how they think. (Garfield)

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