Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Faulting Us for Afghanistan

What is WRONG with the FOOLS who continually fault US for fighting terrorists in Afghanistan, completely ignoring the fact that if we DON’T fight them there, we’ll soon be fighting them in the streets of your city. They worry incessantly about how WE “treat” Islamic terrorists when we capture them, completely ignoring how THEY treat US when they capture our people, plus the fact that their “stock-in-trade” is killing innocent people (including women and children) who are just trying to go about their lives and not threatening them in any way. I don’t think these murderous fools DESERVE any consideration. They should be killed when caught in the act without mercy.

“FAILING TO GET OUR MESSAGE OUT”: This is what Obama thinks is behind his difficulty to get the law to “beat us over the head and take everything we own” passed. His problem is actually that he HAS “gotten his message out” and the American people want no part of it. He’s not smart enough to realize we aren’t as stupid as he thinks we are.

HATING JIM BUNNIG: For insisting Congress follow the rules. The liberal media and even his own party members hate him for doing that. What’s WRONG with following the rules? For Democrats, and many Republicans, that means they can’t do what they want to do in spite of ”the rules.” They think they’re ABOVE the rules and when someone like Bunning stands up and insists they actually FOLLOW the rules, they get mad. We need more people in the Congress like Bunning to insist they FOLLOW the rules instead of flouting them.

GOOD OLD KING GEORGE: If you want to know what to expect in the near future, think of this: King George didn’t listen to us, either. What did he get? A revolution that cost him a lot of money and lives, and he lost America as a colony. He didn’t think we could do anything about his excesses, but we did. Obama doesn’t think we can do anything about HIS excesses either, but we can. Once we pass the point where we won’t take it any more. And we’re getting closer and closer to that point, every day.

OUR FOOL POLITICIANS: They go after US for the way we treat Islamic terrorists, but utter nary a word about how the terrorists treat the people (Us) they capture. Why do they do that? Are they stupid (Probably)? Ignorant? Why don’t they worry similarly about how the terrorists go about killing innocent people on a daily basis, put innocent people in front of themselves when they attack us so those civilians WILL be killed and they can blame those killings on us? They just can’t see that.

THE ELECTION IS OVER: Obama kept telling McCain that “the election is over” with the implicit meaning of “I won.” Meanwhile, he kept campaigning for re-election throughout the “health care summit” dog and pony show. Yes, he won. And for a time he is “in charge.” But if he doesn’t wake up and stop governing AGAINST what the American people want, that time is going to be shorter than he may realize.

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