Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"The Party of NO"

That’s what the Democrats call the Republicans. Actually, they’re “the party of HELL NO!” when it comes to agreeing to the silly excesses of government the Democrats want to impose on us. And they should continue to be “the party of HELL NO!” as long as Democrats want to enslave us and con us out of all our money. That’s the best way they can protect us.

CIVILIANS UP FRONT: That’s the way the Islamic terrorists work, making civilian casualties impossible to avoid. And when they happen, they “scream bloody murder” as if our soldiers TARGETED those civilians. They do not. ALL civilian casualties there are the responsibility of the Islamic terrorists, since “hiding behind them” GUARANTEES they will die. This is their scam and it works well as long as our idiot politicians respond the way they anticipate.

“BORROWER IS SLAVE OF LENDER”: An old Chinse proverb says, “The borrower is the slave of the lender.” Strange that this is a CHINESE proverb, since we are now DEEP in debt to communist China, which has gotten rich by doing business with other countries using CAPITALISM (something it could not do using communism) and is now in a position to buy our debt. They have already tried “giving us orders” when they told Obama not to talk to the Dahli Llama. I say “tried” because, to his credit, he told them to go to hell. But with his temperament, how long can this last?

WE WANT OBAMA TO FAIL! Make no mistake about it! Everything Obama stands for is something to which we are diametrically OPPOSED. So if Obama fails, we succeed. It’s as simple as that. They take Rush Limbaugh to task for wanting him to fail, but he’s not alone; ALL people who want to make their own decisions in life without the interference of nameless, faceless bureaucrats appointed by Obama want him to fail. That’s a fact, Jack! And it’s not going to change.

ALWAYS A “BIPARTISAN GROUP”: Whenever Obama wants to avoid responsibility for a shaky decision, he appoints a “bipartisan group” to look into it. He’s doing so after it was discovered that no measures were taken to get rid of nuclear waste after he announced spending $8 billion more money we don’t have to open a new nuclear facility after he ordered the only nuclear waste disposable site closed.

MAKING IT TRUE: The liberals constantly say former veep Cheney is “the most unpopular politician there is” and hope we believe it. In reality, he is THE most popular politician there is, except among liberals—which is, of course, the only people they count. Do they really think they can “make it true” by repeating it over and over?

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