Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bipartisan Cooperation

The liberals are always on about “bipartisan cooperation,” which simply means, conservatives abandoning their principles and agreeing with the liberal position. That’s not going to happen.

LIBERAL PROFESSOR GOES BANANAS: The professor who went bananas in a faculty meeting and killed three of her colleagues was a left-wing fanatic, but nobody thought anything about it. In academia, left-wing is standard. It is “right-wingers” at whom they look askance, but who have not killed any of them. It was also illegal for her to bring that gun in there. But that didn't stop her. It never does.

NO-GUN ZONE: The place where a liberal professor “went off the rails” and murdered three of her associates is a “gun-free zone.” Did that strop her or even slow her down? Nope. People planning on killing other people don’t obey laws that say they can’t be armed. Neither do common criminals bent on robbing or killing you. There has never been such a shooting at a gun show where everybody has a gun, has there?

200 YEARS: Alexis deToquevill said “the average life of a democracy is about 200 years” because when the people learn they can vote themselves largess from the government, they do so, until it destroys their economy. We’re way beyond that now, and I think our people are about to rediscover it.

RELYING ON FOREIGN NEWS: We must rely on foreign news sources for true news, since we can no longer depend upon American news sources to bring us the real truth about what’s happening. The foreign news sources don’t “buy into” the liberal scam governing the American news media.

IT’S WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT: That’s what the Obama crowd is now saying about the economy, trying desperately to still blame the Republicans for the bad economy THEY created, in order to get elected and take over the government. Truth is, until their machinations came into effect, this was the best, and most long-lasting boom ever because of the tax cuts engineered by Reagan and Bush (both Republicans).

BLAMING THE INNOCENT: Scapegoating is a time-honored scam used by politicians to inflame the masses and deflect blame from themselves. The Czarist Russians blamed the Jews and many of them died in the “pogroms” sponsored against them before the communists took over and made things worse yet. Hitler used it, too. Obama is blaming Bush and the Republicans for the conditions we now face, and which are the consequence of the actions of his own people in order to get him elected.

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