Saturday, February 6, 2010

They're All Racists!

Everybody who has the temerity to criticize Obama MUST be a racist. Because there is NO other possible reason for criticizing him--is there? Do you believe that?

AMERICANS ARE STUPID! That’s what Bill Maher says. Then immediately says, “I’m jealous of China. We need a dictatorship here.” Now who is it that’s stupid?

NO PLACE TO ESCAPE: History records that people from all kinds of totalitarian regimes flee to the United States when they get enough of the repression in their home countries. But where do people flee to when the repression is IN the United States, as it soon will be if things keep on in the same direction in which they’re moving today?

WHY MENTION RELIGION? People ask, “Why mention the religion to which the Ft. Hood killer belonged?” The answer is simple. The people who are killing innocent people all over the world to make a political point today are almost ALL Muslims. Granted, all Muslims are not doing it. But ALL killers who kill innocents to make a political point today ARE. So NOT to mention his religion would be remiss. Knowing his religion and LISTENING to what he was telling us just before he went on his shooting spree might have saved some lives.

IT’S ALL ABOUT OBAMA: Just listen to Obama’s “State of the Union” speech, in which he said “I” or “me” hundreds of times. The speech wasn’t about the country and its citizens. It was all about Obama. EVERYTHING, for him, is about Obama. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more self-centered person.

INDIAN MEDICAL CARE: You want an example of health care run by the federal government? Look at the medical care this government gives Indians on reservations. It’s a DISASTER!, But that disaster never makes the news. And if it ever does, it’s a quote from a government employee extolling the (non-existent) virtues of the disastrous system that pays his/her salary.

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