Sunday, February 21, 2010


The co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with AlGore won their prize by submitting a paper based on newsletters written by pro-global warming activists, student papers (not even doctoral students) and other sources that are NOT “peer-reviewed.” Too bad they can’t take it (the Prize) back.

SARAH SHOULD BE PROUD: The liberals are now calling her “a merchant of hate.” The same thing they called Ronald Reagan many times. That means she’s got them “on the run.”

BOYCOTT WAL-MART: That’s what I saw on a bumper sticker the other day. What the hell FOR? For making needed items more affordable? If they’re gone, we’ll be paying a LOT more for the things we need. Is that what they want? After they’re gone, is Target next?

RACIST: The whole idea that a literacy test for voters is racist is, in itself, racist because it assumes that black people, Hispanics, and other minorities would be UNABLE to pass such a test in greater numbers.

WAY TOO MUCH SECURITY: The other day I watched ONE limousine go by, accompanied by FIFTY police cars and easily as many motorcycle cops with other cops blocking a major intersection for way too long. I can understand Joe Biden needing security, but that’s WAY too much.

GETTING TO THE CHILDREN: Obama is now trying to con children in school, making them think their parents are not too bright (which most of them think, anyway) and that they’re smarter than their parents while feeding them socialist claptrap as “truth.”

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