Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Higher Taxes

That’s the liberal (Democrat) answer to EVERYTHING. Even though Americans are reeling from the effects of Obama’s people’s fiddling with the economy to get him elected, Democrats are still working overtime to figure out how to tax us more, even though higher taxes in a recession (they caused) will make things worse. In Colorado, out “lame-duck” Democrat governor wants to raise taxes on pop and other small-money items, saying “it’s only pennies.” But those pennies add up to millions, and that’s what he hopes.

CAPPING SPENDING: Obama says he’s going to “cap” federal spending over the next few years. How is that possible? He’s the biggest spender out there. It’s a case of “closing the barn door after the horse is gone.” He’s spent so much money already there’s nothing left to spend. So he’s going to “cap” spending?” Jeeze! What’ll he think we’ll believe next?

COMMON GROUND: Can Obama and Fox News ever find common ground? Not a chance; Fox tells the TRUTH. Obama can’t have that. That’s the only reason why he disparages Fox, because they DO bring you both sides of the story, and that inhibits Obama’s ability to lie to you. Fox has more liberals on their payroll (with no limits on them) than even the liberal news media. What Obama hates is the conservatives they likewise have on their payroll, also with no limitations on what they can say.

PEELOSI STOKES VIOLENCE: While decrying the possibility, much as Bishop Tutu did in Africa, which guaranteed there WOULD be violence. And there was. Perhaps you noticed that ALL the “violence” at ”Tea Party” meetings was perpetrated by the union thugs sent there by the Obama administrations.

PENNSYLVANIA HIKING SALES TAX: They SAY, to “avoid higher unemployment.” How does CREATING unemployment LOWER unemployment? Typical Democrat politicians and their fool ideas. They think hiking taxes will make things better. But it won’t. It will make it worse. But don’t try and convince a liberal of that.

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