Saturday, February 13, 2010


The libs criticize the GOP for not being bipartisan when it is the liberals who “shut them out” at every turn. Do they really think we believe this crap? They say the Republicans “don’t have any good ideas,” but they IGNORE all the ideas the Republicans try to advance, SAYING “they’re not good ideas.” Bipartisan, to liberals, means agreeing with them.

WHAT A LOAD! Obama says we can’t continue to spend as if spending did not have consequences. This right after he spent more money in ONE YEAR than has been spent by this entire government since its inception! What a load of stinky brown stuff!

LIBS PRIMARY SCAM: Create a panic, publicize it to the skies, and then offer to fix it; the “fix” always involves higher taxes and more restrictive laws and regulations. This is why not a day goes by without a new “panic.”

DEPENDS ON WHICH SIDE: ABC won’t air anti-socialized medicine ads free, but they WILL air PRO-socialized medicine ads free. How transparently biased can they be?

TOO MUCH, TOO SOON: Obama is grabbing too much, too soon, and is “waking up” a “sleeping giant” in the American people. He’s just “going wild” in his efforts to loot as much as he can before we get rid of him. This will be his downfall, and will cause him to be a one-term president like his predecessor, Jimmy Carter.

CONSERVATIVES DON’T DEMONSTRATE: Not, at least, until they’re pushed too far, as now. They’re usually busy working and earning their own way. Not like liberals, most of whom have government salaries if they’re working at all, and have plenty of time to demonstrate.

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