Friday, February 19, 2010

The Party of "Hell No!"

The liberals call the Republican Party “the party of no.” But if not being that involves agreeing to support Obama’s theft from Americans, I’ll happily wear the label. In fact, I’ll add to it. They should be “the party of HELL no!”

ARROGANCE AND IGNORANCE: That’s the deadly combination of traits to which most politicians are subject; mostly Democrats and other liberals, but some Republicans, too. That leads to the kind of dilemma in which we find ourselves now: a ruined economy and the government, thinking they can help by spending more, go on a spending spree with our money. I hope our descendants (for whom the bills will surely come due) can survive it.

GORE CAUSED IT: You know that big snow storm in Washington, DC? That’s aimed at AlGore, who made Mother nature mad by trying to swindle us out of our socks by predicting she was going to make things a "lot" hotter (one degree in 100 years) in the future. That this is a bad thing is debatable, even if true. But she’s proving him wrong, in a big way.

RECORD SNOWFALL IN CHICAGO AND WASHINGTON: Mother Nature is “messing with us.” Maybe she’s trying to tell Obama not to join with AlGore in his “global warming” swindle. Yeah, yeah, I know Al doesn’t want us to call it that any more. It doesn’t work with all the COLD temperatures and snow. He insists we now call it “climate change,” which is not so specific.

“PROFESSOR” RACIST? To call Obama “the professor” is the same as calling him “an uppity black,” according to liberal (intellectual) professor Ogilvy. Which proves racism is only “in the eye of the beholder.” This means anybody can define something as “racist,” at any time, regarding critics of this president.

OBAMA SPEAKS: Obama couldn’t go out to make a speech because of AlGore’s snowstorm. So he commandeered the podium in the white House press room and spoke for almost an hour to the “captive newspeople.” It was enough to make me want to vomit.

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