Thursday, February 18, 2010

"No More Stimulus"

The liberals have worn out the word “stimulus” so now they’re calling it a “jobs program,” but it’s still the same thing. Give people money or tax breaks if they obey Obama’s orders. It hasn’t worked, but he’s going to keep it up. Just rename it.

RENAME IT: That’s what all politicians do when their programs become known as losers. Do the same thing under a different name and hope we won’t notice. People like me who DO pay attention notice, and try to tell the others, but they won’t listen. They’ve been busy listening to the politicians’ lies.

ANOTHER SPEECH: Apparently Obama still thinks he can solve all his many problems with another speech. He broke into the daily press conference (which he controls) and gave a LONG speech, again “chewing us out” for not buying his swindle. I turned the sound off. I hate even the sound of his voice. Gawd, what a JERK the American people elected!

“ANGER AND HARSH RHETORIC”: That’s what ABC found at the Tea Party convention in Nashville. What the hell did thye expect? Obama is spending all their money and trying hard to enslave Americans Yes, they’re ANGRY and angry people use “harsh rhetoric.” Obama should start LISTENING instead of criticizing people for responding to his swindles and being angry.

‘BENDING OVER BACKWARD”: Obama broke into the day’s press conference to say we should “bend over backward” to accommodate the Iran regime. What the hell FOR”? They need to “bend over” for US. What Obama really means is for us to “bend over forward” so they can screw us, too.

LEARNING THE LANGUAGE: I’m going to say this one more time. If I were to move to France permanently, I’d do it legally. And I WOULD learn French. I would not insist the French learn MY language. That’s not racism, it’s common sense.

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