Saturday, February 27, 2010

The REAL Figures

Bankruptcies have TRIPLED in the last six months since Obama took over. That’s a figure that can’t be “fuzzed over” by the Obama forces who hope to fool us into thinking things are going great by saying, “things are getting better, but Americans just can’t see it.” There’s a good reason why we “can’t see it.” It isn’t happening. People who aren’t making money don’t pay taxes, and usually go broke.

HOW CONVENIENT: Muslims will not go through the new airport scanners because it is against Islamic Law for any Muslim person to be seen naked by anyone not married to them. How damned convenient that is!

WHY ISN'T THE ECONOMY IMPROVING? First of all, because the real reason (banks being FORCED to loan money to people who can't pay it back) has never been addressed, and the Obama administration is still enforcing the laws that CAUSED the bust!

NOT TAKING CHANCES: One reason why things aren't getting better is that banks and other businesses, knowing if they get in trouble, the government will "bail them out," don't take the chances they'd normally take to make money. Meanwhile, their government is continually telling them "profit is eeeevil."

TAX INCREASES DO NOT HELP THE ECONOMY! This is something Obama and his crew just do not understand. He thinks the only way to increase the amount of money coming in is to raise taxes. But when you do that, you INHIBIT those who want to make a profit, which is what is ESSENTIAL if the government is to take in more tax money. It destroys INCENTIVE to create more taxable income.

STEALING FROM THE POOR: One of the favorite themes of the liberals is to talk about how “the rich” have “stolen” from the poor to become rich. Which leads to the question: how do you steal riches from people who have never been rich? Common sense will tell you that you can’t. But liberals have never shown much common sense.

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