Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not A "Fringe Movement," Stupid!

The Democrats admit the “Tea Party” represents 41% of the American people then, in the same breath, call it a “fringe movement.” 41% is NOT a “fringe movement!” Wake up and smell the stinky brown stuff you’re spouting, liberals! You’re talking out of the same place that comes from.

WE’RE “WHUPPIN’” ‘EM: The “Tea Party” is “whuppin’” the Democrats everywhere and it’s scaring them to death. So they try and paint them as a “fringe movement” and hope a majority of Americans (who don’t pay attention to politics anyway) will believe that, among all their other lies.

TRUTH BEING IGNORED: I get so tired of telling the truth every day and seeing nothing happen because of it. I tell people things; they say, “yup,” and then go out and wash the car or go bowling, forgetting what I’ve told them, even though it is enslaving them and stealing more and more of their money to pay for it. Wake UP, America! Find out what Obama is doing to you and stop it!

“NATIONAL UNITY”: Iran is calling for national unity after stealing their most recent election and murdering protesters of that stolen election. How stupid do they think their people are? Do they think calling for national unity will actually UNITE their people FOR them instead of AGAINST them? I think any “unity” they see will sweep them out of office and maybe in front of a firing squad.

LEARN THE LANGUAGE, DAMMIT! The people who put the Obamation in the White House refuse to learn our language, and so can’t even SAY “vote” in English. I have not a thing against people LEGALLY entering the United States, becoming citizens, and voting in our elections. But I’m adamantly AGAINST people who come here ILLEGALLY, refuse to assimilate and STILL vote in our elections and burden our medical system.

SHAKY MARKETS: The markets are shaky because they haven’t the foggiest notion of what Obama is going to do. I don’t think he does, either.

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