Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They Don'r Care!

That’s what a person answering Maxine Waters’ phone told a constituent when a “Tea Party” woman called her office to complain about what the Democrats are doing.

“STRAINED RELATIONS”: Liberals complain that we are “straining relations” with the Islamic terrorists by killing them. How about them killing US? Doesn’t that “strain our relations?” Do we stop putting criminals in prison because it “strains our relations” with criminals?

ANIMAL CRUELTY: An aged female was attacked by several dogs. Several men attacked the dogs with sticks and shovels and ran them off. They’ll probably be charged with animal cruelty. That’s the way things are going today.

GRASPING AT STRAWS: Using any little improvement to say “the recession is over” and “happy days are here again.” Such as Obama hailing the “fact” that the unemployment numbers aren’t as bad this month as they were last month. Of course, that’s mostly because unemployment payments for many have run out, and they’re not counted any more.

CUTTING THE BUDGET: The Denver mayor is cutting 90-100 cop’s jobs to save money. But he isn’t cutting the art budget, so we’ll get lots more cut up, stacked shipping containers on street corners and more blue bears peering into buildings. They CALL this “art.”

“RATIONED”: I’ve already been “rationed.” My doctor prescribed a new form of “nitro” that cost almost $200. My “insurance” (the insurance Bush forced on me) refused to pay for it, so I refused to buy it and went back to the old, small pills that I would put under my tongue if I ever needed it.

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