Saturday, February 20, 2010

Obama Wants to Be Seen with GOP

Obama wants to “have a meeting” with Republicans so he can blame them when his health care swindle fails because he can’t even get his own party people to agree. It’s just another of Obama’s con-man schemes.

“I’M SMARTER THAN YOU”: That’s Obama. He thinks nobody is as smart as he is, yet he displays his ignorance every time he opens his mouth. That’s the problem with many elitist politicians who end up in Washington. They think they’re the smartest people ever, and that we’re either ignorant, or stupid. That’s going to be their downfall as Americans “get wise” to their scams.

“FREE MARKET SOCIALISM”: A man calling into the Rush Limbaugh show mentioned “free market socialism.” He obviously didn’t know that was a contradiction in terms. People like that DEMONSTRATE their ignorance for all to see, and they don’t even know it. If you call it to their attention they ridicule you. Stupid, I guess.

CLIMATE CHANGE: That’s AlGore’s new name for his global warming swindle. He gets very irritated at people who still use the “global warming” name. He thinks it’s “the ultimate trump card.” That way, whatever happens; cold, hot, wet, dry, etc., he can attribute to “climate change” without argument.

CHINA GIVES OBAMA AN “ORDER”: They “ordered him not to talk TO THE Dahlai Llama. Who the Hell do they think they are? Even wimpy Obama ought to have enough “intestinal fortitude” to tell them to “go to hell” and do what he thinks best.

REPUBLICANS “LICKING THEIR CHOPS”: Obama is busily giving them the next couple of elections without having a clue it’s happening. That is, if the Republicans don’t “go to sleep.” They have a unique opportunity to again take over both Houses and the presidency if they don’t blow it.

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