Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Won't He Answer?

Obama has spent, so far, $1.7 MILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer money to hide the truth from you, the voter. Originally, I wasn’t interested in this until he went so far out of his way to avoid offering proof. Now I want to know. There have been more than 20 legal actions trying to FORCE this possibly illegal president to PROVE his eligibility. The Executive Director of the USJF has gotten DEATH THREATS from Obama supporters for filing this action. Is it that he CAN’T provide this proof? Will I get death threats for this item? If so, bring it on!

IT’S EASY TO TELL: It’s very easy to tell which people scare the hell out of the liberals. They are the ones, living or dead, that they try the hardest to demonize. Reagan has been dead for a long time, but they still ridicule him and try their best to discredit him. That tells me a lot about him (if I didn't already know it), AND them. Sarah Palin is the current embodiment of Reagan’s policies, which accounts for the liberals (Democrats) slinging dung in her direction on a regular basis.

CNN TRYING TO KILL “TEA PARTIES” MOVEMENT: They make a big thing out of the fact that the “tea Parties” are “fighting amongst themselves” about which one will be the REAL “Tea Party” in this country. They’re LOVING it. As long as they’re “fighting amongst themselves,” they’re less effective. And that’s how the liberals want it. Only Sarah Palin can bring them together.

GOVERNMENT CONTROL: The “inexorable rise in medical costs” were CAUSED by government interference. Fully HALF or more of the higher costs pay for all the government red tape doctors must wade through to satisfy government regulations.

ENTERTAINING: Michael Moore is like the World Wrestling Federation. Nobody thinks he’s real any more, but he’s still entertaining.

EXEMPTING ITSELF: Have you noticed that Congress routinely exempts its members from the laws it passes to run OUR lives? Example: the “cushy” medical care THEY have, vs. the system they’re trying to impose on us.

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