Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Truth Doesn't Matter"

We thought Clinton played “fast and loose” with the truth. But Clinton, at least, once in a while, told the truth (although I can’t remember a specific instance). So far, I can’t remember a single instance of Obama telling the truth. Which, in a way, helps us divine the truth by seeing things as just the opposite of how Obama tells us it is, or is going to be.

VOLUNTARY: I’ve always wondered how the feds managed to con us into believing the income tax was “voluntary,” since they will fine you heavily and even send you to PRISON if you don’t pay it. This “Garfield” strip makes it plain how they think. (Garfield)

FIND THEM AND KILL THEM: Politicians are dithering about “what to do about Taliban leaders.” The answer is easy. Find them and kill them in the most painful way possible. The liberals will whine about it, but that’s the most “fair” way to handle it, giving them “equal punishment” for their crimes. Forget the rights Americans have. They don’t deserve them.

RESPECT THE OFFICE: People (usually liberals, the ones being criticized) say “You have to respect the office, if not the man in it.” I don’t agree. I can’t “respect the office” when there’s a “piece of dung” in it as there is now.

OBAMA KILLS MOON MISSION: He says he wants that relatively small expenditure to be used to “develop new technology.” What the hell does he think they do when they try and go to the moon, dummy? Where do you think all the improvements in miniaturization came from? It is this kind of short-sightedness that kills innovation.

DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL: Obama is trying to keep a campaign promise to eliminate the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and allow admitted gays into the military. So what? If a gay man “hits on” a straight soldier, he’ll probably get the hell beat out of him anyway, even without this policy. You’re not going to change people’s opinions, whatever the policy.

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