Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We CAN Win!

Liberals all over the world tell us we cannot win the war against Islamic terrorists. These are the same kind of people who told us we could not win the “cold war.” That it would be with us forever and the only thing we could do was “contain” it. Well, we won. The cold war ended after President Ronald Reagan told Gorbachev to “tear down that wall!” , and he did. The “Tories” during our Revolutionary War told us we could not win over England, and we did. We CAN win the war against Islamic terrorism if we will just stop limiting what we can do to please liberals.

ANTI-GUN UNTIL REALITY: I've always said that an anti-gun fool is just a liberal who hasn't had an ILLEGAL gun shoved in his face, and this Mississippi woman is a perfect example of that. She freely admits that she was “anti-gun” until a home invader shoved a gun in her face. Lori Sheldon survived a home invasion by an armed man. Soon she was learning how to shoot, and was qualifying for her concealed carry license. If anybody tries it again, they're dead. I think this is the reason many anti-gun fools actually become gun carriers.

ZUCKERBERG'S A FOOL: He made $BILLIONS from Facebook, and now he wants the GOVERNMENT to give every citizen a minimum stipend. Like most liberals, he failed to think this through. Who does he want to PAY for it? The government, of course! And where does the government get ALL its money? From the PEOPLE in taxes, of course! So after it gives the people money for not working, where does it GET the money to give them when nobody is working and paying taxes because they get their money for doing nothing? It's a typical liberal boondoggle not supported by reality.

ISIS TARGETS CHILDREN: They go out of their way to make a big PR splash when we ACCIDENTALLY injure or even kill a civilian, especially a child. They even make up stories by showing pictures of dead children THEY killed, and blaming it on us. But we NEVER “target” children. They do. I'll repeat that: they do! In England, they bombed a rock concert attended mostly by children, and one of their victims was EIGHT. In Egypt, they attacked a busload of Christians, many of them children, and killed a bunch of them. These evil bastards not only don't care who they kill, they SEEK OUT children to kill. For that, they need to die. On the spot, when caught in a terrorist act.

ONLY COPS SHOULD HAVE GUNS: Because they're the most reliable and law-abiding people going, right?—NOT! Cops commit more gun crimes than do concealed carriers. Right—the people charged with UPHOLDING the law commit more gun crimes than concealed carriers! No, the cops aren't bad people as a RULE. But there ARE some “bad apples.” And more of them are “bad apples” than are concealed carriers among private citizens, according to John Lott, the premier gun statistician, often criticized by the anti-gun fools (which I consider a “badge of honor).

BUT I BEAT HIM!” Hillary Clinton took the opportunity of her commencement address at Wellesley College to lash out again at President Trump, saying, “I BEAT him!” That was based on the POPULAR VOTE, which is not the way we elect presidents. We do it through the Electoral College, and Trump was elected by the same rules that have elected ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS! Does she want to change the rules, mid-election, just so she could get elected? Probably.

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