Monday, May 1, 2017

Leftists Frightened of Coulter

Well, conservative Ann Coulter will not be speaking at Berkeley. The left has stuffed a gag in her mouth with their threats of violence if she is allowed to speak. They're so afraid that what she says might actually be HEARD by intelligent people they wet their panties and throw tantrums at the very thought. So she had to cancel her speech so she wouldn't get hurt. For shame, leftists! You thought Trump was horrible and threatened a “girl” for running against Hillary, but you REALLY threatened a girl in this case. You're nothing but a bunch of bullies!

TRUMP “DANGER TO JOURNALISM”: Strange that CNN President Jeff Zucker should say this, since CNN is destroying journalism at an alarming rate. I guess he has to have SOMEBODY besides himself to blame for the drastically falling ratings being suffered by CNN because of all the “fake news” they put out. Like most liberals, he just can't (or won't) see that his own actions are responsible for their losses, and Trump is the natural person to blame. But Trump will still be around, long after CNN has “folded it's tent and gone away.”

COULTER'S “HATE SPEECH”: A CNN host says. “Ann Couter's hate speech threatened student safety at Berkeley.” WHAT “hate speech?” Since when is telling the truth “hate speech?” It's a common liberal scam to label as “hate speech” ANYTHING with which they don't agree. Which would describe ANYTHING Coulter says. They HATE her because she tells the truth in her speeches, and her books. So I guess anything THEY say about her is “hate speech."

NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT PAYING: Liberals never worried about “how to pay for this” while Obama was spending our money like water. While he spent more money than ALL presidents before him, put together! Liberals don't worry about where the money is coming from when they are in charge. They just spend it, and let their descendants worry about paying for it. Thus, the HUGE national debt. Now that that Trump is in office, “how are you gonna pay for it” is a constant refrain.

LIBERAL IDIOCIES: There are many idiocies in liberal refrains. One of therm is the one where “the rich” have stolen their money from the poor. How the HELL do you steal money from people who HAVE NONE? Being “poor” is the DEFINITION for being without money or anything else. How then, do “the rich” GET rich stealing from people who don't HAVE anything? Idiocy!

MORE LIBERAL IDIOCY: Liberals tell you, “The rich don't pay their fair share in taxes.”That may have been true back when the government took up to 90% of their earnings in taxes, and they all did everything they could to keep at least SOME of the money they earned. But not today. Today, the top 20% pay MOST of the taxes paid. That's according to the federal government, itself. Those are Congressional Budget Office (CBO) figures. So when they tell you the rich do not pay their fair share, it's a LIE. Live with it.

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