Thursday, May 11, 2017

Teaching Islam In Schools

If you just BREATHE about teaching about Christianity or any other religion is our schools, they run you out of town on a rail—except for Islam. For Islam, many schools make an exception to the rule banning religion from being taught in school. The San Diego (California) Unified School District has a program billed as an “anti-bullying” program that is designed primarily to protect Muslims, that includes teaching children about Islam.

NANCY'S FORLORN HOPE: She tells us the Dahlai Lama prayed with her to remove her negativity. But it's going to take a lot more than prayer to do that, in Nancy Peelosi's case. Being negative is her JOB. She is expected to be negative about everything Trump, or ANY Republican does—unless it agrees with what Democrats want. Nancy is all ABOUT negativity, and spends all her days (and most nights, too) being negative. So the Dahlai Lama's prayers ain't gonna help much unless a miracle happens.

AGREE OR BE RACIST: Democrats are now saying that, if you don't agree with their stupid demands for an independent counsel, you're a racist. They also say that the firing of Comey signals a coverup. Coverup of WHAT? There is no evidence of ANY collusion between Trump or his people with the Russians in the election, so what is there to cover up? There is more than one “investigation” into the subject, and they will continue, without Comey, who was only interested in himself. So for what do we need yet another “investigation” to spend a few more million bucks on?

CONGRESSIONAL FISHING EXPEDITION: Seems like, every day, Fox News shows live, a congressional ”fishing session” they call an “investigation,” spending millions of dollars on nothing. The subject today seems to be what former FBI Director Comey knew, and when he knew it, specifically hunting yet again, any kind of “evidence” they can find to “dirty” President Trump. Frankly, I'm tired of this. We don't need to sit and listen to a bunch of senators or congresspeople bloviating and making speeches, preening before the cameras, while pretending to investigate something, real or imagined. Leave that to another channel.

AGAINST HIM, THEN FOR HIM: Previous to the day Trump fired former FBI Director Comey, Dumbocrats were “lining up” demanding his firing. But after TRUMP fired him, they're :lining up” to criticize that firing, saying it should have never happened. It seems that they just don't have the mental ability to know that just about everything they say is caught on camera and a microphone, so they can't LIE and deny they said what they said in the past, as they used to be able to get away with doing.

INVESTIGATION WILL CONTINUE: For what it's worth. They've been trying for a long time to find ANY bit of evidence that trump or his people “colluded” with the Russians in the election, and have found NOTHING. Dumbocrats are saying Comey's firing at this time “smacks of a coverup.” Coverup of WHAT? They have no answer. Trump did NOTHING to interfere with that investigation. If there is ANY such evidence, they WILL find it. Trump is entitled to the FBI Director of his CHOICE, and this firing is a step in that direction.

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