Friday, May 12, 2017

What Did Russians Do?

All the hooraw in DC is trying to find something, ANYTHING to use to pillory President Trump. There is NO EVIDENCE that Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected. What do they THINK he colluded with them ON? They don't say. They CAN'T say, because they don't know. They just want us to think he MIGHT have colluded with them, so they can paint his election as fraudulent. It's not going to work, in the long run, and they will be revealed for the fools they are. And what if it is found that OBAMA “colluded with the Russians” to get HILLARY elected?

DREAM ON, DUMBOCRATS! Just 113 days into his presidency, many Dumbocrats are dreaming about impeaching Trump. Too bad for them, although he does many things to infuriate liberals, he hasn't done anything REAL for which he CAN be impeached, although they think he has. They'd LOVE to get something on him for which they can get him impeached, but it just isn't in the cards. They may yet try, but it will be a BIG stretch.

FIGHTING FOR SEGREGATION: For 100 years black people have been fighting for acceptance into society. One of the things they fought hardest AGAINST is places designed to keep the races separate. It was called segregation, and they hated it with a passion. Now that black against white racism has gained status among them, they're fighting for a RETURN to segregation, only this time to keep WHITES out! So now the University of Colorado Boulder has surrendered to the demands of students and is considering creating a “black only” dorm, to exclude WHITES.

THEY'RE NOT CHILDREN! Anti-gun fools publish articles telling about lots of “children” being shot. What they don't tell you is that those “children” are up to 19 years of age and are gang members who are shooting back. The articles never say WHO is shooting at them so they can paint a picture in your mind that the ”victims” are “toddlers” dancing around in a grassy field, chasing butterflies, which is NOT the case. At age 19 they are, for all intents and purposes, ADULTS, and are, themselves, (ILLEGALLY) armed

STUPID HEADLINE: “ISIS Appreciates NRA'S Work.” Why is it stupid? because, like most of the things put out by liberals, it lacks logic. As in their insistence that the Russians actually HELPED Trump become president, the very idea that ISIS would WANT to face a nation of ARMED people is ABSURD. What they would really like is a nation DISARMED by their government. It would then be a “turkey shoot.” They could kill “Infidels” at will without fearing for their own lives. That's how they TWIST things to make us think things that are NOT true.

CONWAY: POLITICS PORN”: In typical liberal (Dumbocrat) style, they slam presidential special assistant Kellyanne Conway, using the word, “porn” in their description of her. And of course, they stuck the word, “crack” in there, too. Aside from being a good-looking female who wears Fox News type short dresses, she is FAR from “porn.” In fact, she is a dedicated married woman with kids she takes good care of. If I were her son, or brother, or husband, I'd look up Mika Brzinsky and slap her into next week, woman, or not. Them's “fightin' words,” Mika! Disrespect a good woman like that, and you've got it coming!

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