Thursday, May 18, 2017

One More Scalp

The Jihad liberals are running against Fox News is going well (for them). They got rid of Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, and now Bo Dietl. Dietl is a former cop who is running for mayor of NYC. He's a private detective who has done some work for Fox, and reportedly investigated at least one of the women who claimed Ailes sexually abused them. Liberals think this is almost criminal, but it's not. It's common sense to know where an accuser is coming from, and if they have an ulterior motive for their accusations.

MORE ABSURDITY: There's a lot “funny” going on about former FBI Director Comey. He claims Trump told him to drop the Mike Flynn investigation, but that's absurd because that investigation ENDED three weeks BEFORE the meeting in which Comey claims Trump asked him to close it. Another thing: if he really thought Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice, he was REQUIRED, by law, to report it and, if he has not yet done it officially (which it appears he has not done), he is subject to prosecution, himself.

ROGER AILES DIES: Roger Ailes, who almost single-handedly built Fox News into what it is today—the scourge of left-wingers and a bastion of truth, has died. He resigned from Fox a few months ago, ostensibly as a result of accusations of sexual misconduct. But considering what a short time passed after his resignation before his death, I suspect illness had a lot more to do with his resignation than those accusations. Frankly, at 77, there's serious doubt he would have even been ABLE or even interested in a sexual liason, let alone force himself on anyone. I still think those charges were all part of a left-wing Jihad against Fox News, AND the people involved in making it a success.

FALSE ACCUSATIONS: I don't know if the sexual misconduct accusations against Roger Ailes or Bill O'Reilly are real, or just one more battle in an ongoing ”Jihad” against Fox News and all its people being waged by the left. But ask most people who knew both, and they'll say such things are just not something they would do, It's very suspicious to me, that such accusations are ONLY happening at Fox News—but not MSNBC or CNN. It'll be a shame if that's what Ailes, or O'Reilly are remembered for, but that's what the left wants.

WHY TRUMP, NOT OBAMA? That's the question Trump is asking. Obama DID exactly what Trump is only being ACCUSED of, and nobody even BREATHED about appointing a special prosecutor when he did it. It's a definite double standard, but with all the double standards that have been illustrated, it's only one of many. And it is part of the left's “Jihad” against Trump. They jump on every WORD spoken by Trump or any of his people and take them at their WORST, assuming the worst. So they can exploit it.

NATIONWIDE IMPEACHMENT MARCHES: In an indication of how desperate leftists are getting to get rid of trump before he takes away all their playthings, now they're sending out PAID “demonstrators” to “march for impeachment.” As if such marches had any REAL effect, except to make it more and more apparent they are getting desperate. You can't get impeachment started by “marching.” You can only do it by coming up with a REAL crime committed. Which is something sorely LACKING in the case of Donald Trump. Yet they keep casting about wildly in SEARCH of something, ANYTHING they can use to “bring him down,” and not finding it.

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