Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Keepin' It Alive

Dumbocrats are trying valiantly to keep their flight of fancy about a “Russian connection” to Trump in the 2016 election alive. Now they're claiming Trump fired Comey because he was afraid the FBI would uncover his connection with the Russians. Nothing could be further from the truth, but they think we'll buy their BS and start to believe their fairy tale. The more they find NO EVIDENCE of such a connection, the more they insist that Trump is worried about that “investigation.” What they don't consider is that firing Comey will not have a bit of an effect on that “investigation” except to intensify it.

DUMBOCRAT WHIPLASH: Necks must be hurting in Dumbocratville today. For the longest time they have been clamoring for FBI Director Comey to be fired—so Trump fired him. Now they're whining and crying about him being fired--and HOW he was fired. Firing a top government official like that is not done,” they say. ANYTHING they figure they can whine and cry crocodile tears over, they do. They really think the American people don't notice—and they're right, with those who “pay no attention to politics” and still vote.

DISTURBED ABOUT LEAKS: Dumbocrats are making a big thing about the fact that there are leaks coming from the White House—as if there were no leaks coming from Obama's White House, or White Houses occupied by other presidents. To them, Trump getting out of bed in the morning is “cause for concern.” It wastes a lot of time and money, but they want to “investigate” if Trump lets a fart. They pretend that nothing good ever comes out of Trump's White House. They make up reasons to “investigate” something, and spend a lot of our money doing it.

SELF DEFENSE: BIZARRE PREMISE”: That's what the NY Times says, anyway, again showing their complete ignorance about the real world. What the hell do they think guns are FOR, anyway? They aren't MADE for criminals to use in victimizing people. When they do, they're misusing them. They're angry that 11 states have passed laws to allow “concealed carry” on campuses. Of course, as usual, they got the number wrong when they reported it. They said it was 10 states. The ignore all the guns carried ILLEGALLY on campus every day while decrying people's ability to handle their guns safely.

MORE HEARSAY: Now they're saying Trump asked Comey to stop the “Michael Flynn” investigation. Of course, there were no witnesses, and all we have is the unsupported word of a man who was summarily FIRED from his position and is certainly subject to “sour grapes.” Again, NO EVIDENCE, but they'll spend millions of YOUR tax dollars to “investigate” until they're blue in the face. And if they find nothing, they'll make something up, as they usually do.

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