Monday, May 22, 2017

They Don't Get It

Many older people who profess to be “gun people” are disturbed by the “change” in the NRA from largely promoting hunting and sport shooting to “warlike” guns with “camo-like” finishes instead of “contoured fine wooden stocks and elegant inlays and engraving.” They just don't get the whole reason the Second Amendment was such an important part of the Constitution. They wanted the American people (all of them) to be part of a “militia” the government could “call up” in the event of an emergency and they wanted them to bring their own guns so the government (which at the time was small and weak compared to now) would not have to pay to provide them. "Organized militias" did not exist at the time.

WHAT'S THEIR POINT? The Huffington Post says, “The NRA is in denial about the slowing of gun sales since Trump's election.” They say it as if that was significant. It's not. In fact, reduced gun sales because of Trump's election is absolutely NOT unexpected, since people are no longer afraid their gun rights are going to be further restricted or taken away entirely under Trump. So they're not buying guns in such high numbers as they were under Obama. So what?

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Last year, Obama offered to share classified information with the Russians and the liberal media yawned. Now there's a RUMOR that Trump might have let something slip to the Russians and they “lose their minds.” What's the difference? The difference is that Obama was their “fair-haired boy,” and they HATE Trump. They'll take ANYTHING he says or does and blow it into a complete mess of THEIR making in their “Jihad” against him.

IT'S A COUP ATTEMPT: The Dumocrats are waging a “coup attempt” on President Trump, and many Republicans, who see him as somebody who is going to “rain on many parades, including theirs,” so they want to get rid of him, too. But they aren't going to be successful because Trump isn't your average politician. He just doesn't respond the way they expect him to, and that completely confuses them. So they try something else that won't work, either. Actually, it's fun to watch them writhe and twist in their efforts to “bring him down.”

ISIS PUBLIC EXECUTION: Isis members were about to kill two citizens publicly, when they heard a “wihirring sound” above them, and retribution rained down upon them, causing them to run like the chickens they are, leaving the prisoners alive, to be freed by those who were forcibly gathered there to “witness” the killings. It was a British drone, that used a small missile, fired by the drone to kill one of the guards and put the fear of (our) God into the ISIS murderers-to-be. Good on ya, Brits! It was a public execution, okay, but the victims were ISIS creeps.

THOSE “TOLERANT LIBERALS”: When the FCC Chairman announced that he was getting rid of Obama's :”net neutrality” regulations, which were a blatant “takeover” of the Internet, the liberals “went bananas.” They sent millions of “comments, most under assumed names (they don't have the guts to complain under their own names), and including much profanity, racial slurs (by people who CLAIM to not be bigots) and name-calling, as usual. Many of those comments were bot accounts, fake comments, and pre-scripted messages. I LOVE stories like this. They reveal liberals for what they are.

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