Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Can't Find Evidence

“So far, there's no evidence of Trump's collusion with the Russians in the election that made him president. If that continues that will be proof for us there WAS collusion.” That's how Democrats think. They get an idea into their heads and try mightily to find any kind of evidence that will prove their pipe dreams. If they can't find any, they ASSUME their pipe dreams are true. “It's not truth or falsity, it's the importance of the ACCUSATIONS that counts.”

SECOND-GUESSING TRUMP: Everything Trump does is questioned by the DC “intelligentsia.” Every third word I hear in the news this morning is “Comey.” It's as if there is no other news in the world beyond the firing of the FBI director. They're even talking about a “constitutional crisis” in his firing. But there is NOT. Comey's firing is long overdue. He injected himself into everything going on in DC, not just the Hillary “investigation.” The Democrats were screaming for Comey's head for a long time, but now they're outraged because it was Trump who fired him, not Obama.

BANNING COMMUNISTS: In California, they wisely made a law preventing the appointment of communists to ANY governmental position. That law made it “uncomfortable” for California politicians, since most of them today ARE communists, or at least socialists (which is almost the same thing). Now they want to repeal that fifties law (wonder why?). There was a wise suspicion of the motives of communists in the fifties, which no longer seems to be. Are we stupid, or what?

BACK TO THE ICE AGE: In the seventies, “climate scientists” were sorely worried about “the coming ice age” until it was found to be more profitable to go for “warming.” Until, at least, REAL climate scientists found that the world has NOT been “warming” for almost 20 years. So they changed the name of their swindle to “climate change” so they could keep the bucks flowing into their pockets. Now they're back to worrying about “the coming ice age” again.

ARMED SECURITY IN CHURCHES: That has become increasingly common, as Islamic terrorists pour into this country in the guise of “refugees.” Islamic terrorists have PROMISED to kill as many “non-believers” as they can, wherever they can find them. And where is it the easiest to find people who don't believe in their stupid “”religion?” A Christian church, of course. An armed female in a Colorado Springs, CO church proved that armed security in churches can make all the difference to parishioners if some fool comes in, wanting to kill people.

IT'S A CULTURAL THING”: Rape is on the verge of being made LEGAL in Europe because Islamic “refugees” have a “rape culture” and their men don't even understand the meaning of the word, “no.” Rape seems to be a “cultural thing” with Muslims, and they'll call me a bigot for saying so, even though it is TRUE. Rape of little boys (and girls) is also a “cultural thing” to them, as they found out in Iraq when a COP was found with a small boy chained to his bed for future raping, and punishment for him was opposed by the locals because it WAS a “cultural thing.”

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