Monday, May 15, 2017

Keeping Up the Drumbeat

“Trump Gets Two Scoops, Others one.” “Trump Is An Accidental Dictator.” Whatever that means. “Mika Brzinsly says Kellyanne Conway is 'politics PORN,' “ with no explanation of what she means, of course. what she means is she doesn't like Kellyanne. She has nothing else. Every day, in every way, these fool headlines appear, making a constant drumbeat to make Trump look foolish. But all they do is make the liberal MEDIA look foolish. I'm sure Trump gets a big kick out of it. And 113 days into his presidency (as this is written), they're talking about impeachment. What FOOLS they be!

TRUMP THREATENS COMEY? That's what the media is reporting, as if Trump is telling comey to “keep his mouth shut,” and intimating that he records what is said in the Oval Office. WRONG!!! What he is telling Comey is “don't LIE” about what was said there because SOMEBODY might be taping things in the Oval Office and release it to the public, as they did when Mike Flynn was talking to that Russian official. These days, you don't know WHO might be being taped. That's why they scan his office daily. Now they want to subpoena those non-existent tapes.

ALL FOR FREE SPEECH: Liberals in today's colleges are all for “freedom of speech” as long as it agrees with what they think. If it doesn't, they RIOT to keep the speaker from saying a word on the campus, calling THAT “freedom of speech.” They have a twisted idea of just what IS freedom of speech. They're so afraid or REAL freedom of speech, they even want to establish “safe spaces” where they don't even have to HEAR opinions different from theirs.

DON'T WANT GET CAUGHT: The left is hyperventilating over attempts to investigate and prosecute voter fraud, plus efforts to prevent it, in the future, such as requiring photo ID in order to vote. Obviously, they don't want to get caught with their pants down, since the left commits MOST of the voter fraud. That's how they win so many elections while running things AGAINST what the populace wants. .They can't come up with a cogent argument against photo ID, but that doesn't stop them from trying, and calling us names if we disagree.

JIMMY KIMMEL: REAL COMEDIAN? Jimmy Kimmel is billed as a comedian, but is he? He recently referred to the Washington Times, and said, “I don't think the Washington Times is a real newspaper.” Well, Jimmy, I don't think you're a real comedian. In fact, I don't think you're a real human being. Howzat? Way too many fools like Kimmel put people and institutions with whom they don't agree down. Somebody needs to slap fools like this down.

WE HAVE DAMNING EVIDENCE! This is a common liberal scam: declaring that they have “damning evidence” against the other side. But they never tell us what it is, because they really don't have any. They just want us to think they do. That's what they're doing concerning the “Russian connection” with Trump, during the election. The more they have no evidence, the more they tell us they DO! Now they've seized upon Trump's telling Comey he'd better hope there are no recordings of their conversations to insist that Trump is recording things in the Oval Office. And, of course, they have “convincing evidence.”

IT'S A JOKE! Caitland (Bruce) Jenner and Rosie O'Donnel want to run for president. They think because a reality show host got elected. They can. Too. They forget that he offered exactly what people wanted, and he could afford to finance his own campaign. Plus which, he arrived at the very best possible time for someone who is known NOT to be a “typical politician,” as well as being someone who gets things done. Nobody wants to elect a man who doesn't know he's a man, nor a washed-up comedienne as president.

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