Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why Never Dumocrats?

Every time the Democrats go after Republicans, somebody goes to prison. But when Republicans go after Democrat corruption, nothing ever happens to the Democrats. Why is that? We've even got a JUDGE who was IMPEACHED now in Congress making laws (a Dumocrat, of course) ! Maybe it's because the liberals (Democrats) control the very means of prosecution of corruption. They are so solidly embedded in the judiciary that, even when corruption is found, nothing ever happens.

TRUMP'S CORRUPTION: Dumocrats keep talking about the Trump administration being 'the most corrupt in memory,” but they can't seem to come up with any REAL examples of the corruption to which they refer—because there isn't any. They talk incessantly about impeachment, while they can't seem to find any “crimes and misdemeanors” on Trump's part to warrant impeachment. It's all “smoke and mirrors.”

BREAK OUT THE GUNS; Great Britain is famous for having the biggest UNARMED police force in the world. But when real danger is imminent, they're quick to “break out the guns,” as witness their response to the bombing at a rock concert in Manchester that killed 19 (one of them an eight-year-old girl) and wounded 119. Today, everywhere you look, there are cops and soldiers bristling with firepower. They are not going to make the same mistake made in France where the unarmed cops were seen cowering behind their cars while Islamic terrorists went about killing people within their sight.

THE “COMEY MEMO”: There's a lot of talk in DC about the memo former FBI Director Comey wrote himself, supposedly detailing the things covered in his private conversation with President Trump where he ALLEGES Trump told him to drop the Michael Flynn investigation. A memo nobody has ever seen, and probably won't, because I suspect it won't bear up under scrutiny, and will not back up his contention. I'm getting really tired of hearing about all the “evidence” of wrongdoing by Trump, based on UNNAMED sources. Or on paperwork that does not exist--or we would have seen it before now.

GUNS SHOCK AND SICKEN ME”: That’s what a Washington State Senator admitted during a hearing there. During the hearing, State Senator Jeannie Darneille of Tacoma frankly revealed what lies behind much of the support for I-594 and other gun control measures across the country. As captured by a video of the hearing, the senator told those assembled, ‘I am not a person who handles guns. I don’t own guns. I don’t…they shock me, quite frankly.’ ” And these fools are the ones who make laws that keep us from being able to defend ourselves against ILLEGAL guns.

GUN CONTROL IS ILLOGICAL: They call their silly laws “common sense gun control,” but they are neither. They are not common sense, nor are they gun control. Their basic premise is illogical, that the way to self defense is to disarm yourself in the face of the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and now Islamic terrorists. You tell them that, but they don't hear you. It's like throwing a rock at a boulder. It just bounces off their heads without discernible effect.

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