Friday, May 19, 2017

Carrying It Too far

The anti-gun fools commonly carry their fiction too far, as in suspending children from school for chewing pop tarts into a rough shape of a gun or bringing a TOY gun to school. Playing “cops and robbers” using their FINGERS as a gun, or drawing a PICTURE of a gun. Now I've heard it all. A magazine nobody has ever heard of, called, Popsugar Magazine is now telling parents they need to stop their kids from playing with WATER guns, because that “normalizes,” in their minds, real guns. Talk about “going off the deep end!”

A DAMFOOL “STUDY”: The anti-gun fools try everything they can to make gun owners look foolish. Now they're citing a flawed “study” at the University of Colorado School of Medicine that says if a teenager has guns in his home, or even in a friend's home, he's at higher risk for mental problems. On what they base that amazing result, I don't know. And I'll bet they don't know, either. This smacks of them “making it up,” which anti-gun fools do on a regular basis. And where better to find anti-gun fools than in a university?

GUN-FREE ZONE” MYTH: The anti-gun fools would like for all America to be a “gun-free zone,” in spite of the fact that “gun-free zones” are known “killing zones” that are sought out by those who want to kill people, or just rob them. This is PROVEN by the unalterable fact that MOST “mass shootings” occur IN “gun-free zones,” and there is no lack of gun violence performed in “gun-free zones.” These laws are like all the other anti-gun fool laws, in that they only apply to those who OBEY laws while the REAL threats do NOT.

FEINSTEIN CONFIRMS WITCH HUNT: She probably didn't even realize she had confirmed the witch hunt that is on to do Donald Trump in any way they can. She's apparently not that bright. She's a DUMOCRAT, after all. In an interview, she told Wolf Blitzed TWICE that there was NO EVIDENCE of a “Russian connection” to Trump in the election, only rumors and gossip. Rep. Elija Cummings says the whole thing is very serious, and needs to be “investigated. But it is STILL only rumors and gossip, and they've already spent $millions “investigating” it.

WEINER PLEADS GUILTY; Anthony Weiner, husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary's closest friend and ally, and former politician, once running for mayor of NYC, after attempting to demonize a 15-year-old girl to whom he sent requests for her to undress on camera by claiming she was a liar and “set him up,” he pleaded guilty to the charges and faces imprisonment. This is the kind of politician the Dumocrat Party protects and reveres, as they do Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton. And this is just one of several cases against him.

IMPEACHING TRUMP: Every day, in every way, Dumocrats are determined to impeach President Trump. They can't find anything they can USE to do so, and they're trying HARD, while trying to convince the American people Trump SHOULD be impeached, by a daily “drumbeat” of rumors, gossip, and innuendo. They keep saying, “Trump STILL denies colluding with the Russians” as if that denial was proof it is true.

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