Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Even More Liberal Idiocy

Liberals think all they have to do is get rid of all guns and there will be no crime. That's a simplistic solution that would be impossible. First of all, there is NO WAY they could “get rid of all guns.” They exist. It's like putting toothpaste back in the tube. Try it. Second, if there were no guns (an impossibility) there would still be crime. The criminals would find something else, like the swords and knives that were in common use 300 years ago. Crime did not suffer from lack of guns. Third, the only guns they could do away with are those LEGALLY owned by law-abiding people. They can't touch all the ILLEGAL guns out there.

KIM'S REALLY TRYING: Has anybody thought to look at what would be in the path of N. Korea's missiles they've been “testing?” Has anybody thought where they would go if they ever actually hit a target? I think Kim has been firing missiles at Japan and S. Korea. They just fizzled through lack of expertise. When he actually finds a missile that is successful. Where will it hit? I think he's actually been firing missiles at his enemies. They are NOT “failed tests.”

WE WANT TO WORK WITH GOP": That's what Democrats say. Sen. Senate MINORITY Leader Chuck Schumer says that, but what he means is, “Do what we dictate and we'll work with you.” That's what “bipartisan” means to Democrats: just do what we say, and we'll vote with you. It doesn't matter if they win or lose elections. They think THEY are the “natural leaders” of the government, and the Republicans winning elections is but an anomaly to be soon corrected.

COPS CAN'T STOP US!” That's what the anti-Fascists (who use Fascist tactics) in Portland say after “authorities” canceled their “Rose Parade” because of threats of violence from the “anti-Fascists.” “You've seen what power we have,” say the anti-Fascists, “The Police can't stop us.” They are DELUDED. They THINK the cops can't stop them because they have been ORDERED not to stop them by the fools in office in Portland. The cops can stop them any time they WANT to. They just don't want to yet.

BILL O'REILLY ISN'T BROKE: He may have lost his job, but due to mismanagement by Fox executives who signed a new contract with him just before the sexual misconduct became public (they knew about them), he will get a “golden parachute” amounting to $25 MILLION dollars and, since they fired him, he will be able to take a new job somewhere else—and I'm sure he will. Last I heard, the “payouts” to accusers were NOT done by O'Reilly, but by Fox, against his strenuous objections. Guilty or not, he will be okay.

COMPLICATING EXECUTIONS: Many states have moved away from the electric chair and hanging and started using a combination of drugs to kill the murderers they put to death “to avoid having them feel pain while dying.” This is STUPID. Who the hell cares if these fools “feel pain” while dying? They didn't worry about that when they brutally murdered their victims. I say don't complicate things. Line them up in front of a wall and shoot them. Aim for their heads and they will feel no pain. Simple. But wimpy liberals hate that.

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