Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Revenge for Syrian Bombngs

The man who set off a bomb in Manchester, England at a rock concert says he did it as “REVENGE for the bombings in Syria. Does he not know that those bombings were IN RESPONSE to atrocities committed by Islamic terrorists? Does his memory BEGIN this morning when he woke up? The SAME DAY he did HIS bombing, American forces conducted 37 bombing raids on ISIS targets in Syria. Are they going to expend yet ANOTHER terrorist's life to “get revenge” for our response to their atrocities? At this rate they'll kill themselves faster than we can kill them. And we're working at it, finally.

BLUE LIVES MATTER LAWS: In many places where cops have been killed, not for doing anything, but simply for wearing that blue uniform, they're making laws that apply harder penalties for killing or injuring a cop, or any member of his/her family. Liberal blatherers say it's just another form of heightened repression of activists. Nothing is predictably being said about the “heightened repression of police officers.” They don't seem to be much concerned about that. Those who target and kill cops because they're wearing that blue uniform NEED to be "repressed"

WHO LISTENS TO HILLARY? They invited Hillary Clinton to speak at the graduation at her Alma Mater, Wellesley College, but why I can't fathom, except that she is a fellow “wild-haired liberal.” I can't think of any other reason to sit and listen to this bimbo rail against her betters. She isn't even a serious candidate to run for president any more, having been beaten senseless by TWO presidents. Like her daughter, she thinks she's the smartest person in the room, while she's actually the DUMBEST. But ignorant people have no idea they're ignorant.

MUSLIMS KILL CHRISTIANS: In Egypt. Muslim militants ambushed a busload of Christians who were on their way to a Christian gathering. I just can't understand the thinking (or lack of it) of those who would kill people for not believing in THEIR “religion.” People who subscribe to a “religion” that teaches their people to do that do not deserve to be CALLED a religion. In fact, they don't even rate being called human beings! This particular bunch only deserve to be put in with the pigs. Some fools say such words hurt Muslims. But they do not. Only those Muslims who kill Christians. Have you ever heard of a bunch of Christians ambushing a busload of Muslims and killing a few? I didn't think so.

MAKING GUNS USELESS: That seems to be the goal in every anti-gun fool law made. A new law in New York is no different, in that it make guns harder to aim by forcing a harder trigger pull supposedly to keep children from being able to pull the trigger hard enough to fire it. What it, in fact, does is make it impossible for ANYBODY to hit the broad side of a barn with it, and that gets them killed. This bill is the brainchild of Dumocrat (of course) Jose Serrano and supported exclusively by other Dumocrats.

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