Thursday, May 4, 2017

Republicans Are Pathetic

Trump;s biggest enemies in Washington are not the Democrats, because they are EXPECTED to be his enemies. It is the REPUBLICANS, who just “rolled” Trump on the “budget bill” that is supposed to fund the government until next September. It contains all the things Trump told us he would eliminate. And he is under intense pressure to sign it, because the DEMOCRATS threaten to “shut down the government” if he doesn't—and it's the fault of the Republican “establishment,” who are blocking his policies because he's “the new guy in town” and an “outsider,” and they want no interference with THEIR power—which he has PLEDGED to do.

IGNORANT MUSLIM WOMAN: One Muslim woman was recently heard to say that “If a man doesn't beat his wife, he isn't manly.” This woman is completely brainwashed by Muslim men. In reality, Muslim men are not “manly.” they're so frightened that someone will look upon their “woman” and want her and he will not be able to keep her, they force them to go about wearing what amounts to a TENT. And ANY Muslim man is allowed to beat them on the street if they show so much as an ankle. Any man who beats a woman is a WIMP, and is NOT “manly,” in my opinion.

MALCOM X WAS WRONG: He said, “The most disrespected person in the world is the black woman.” Actually, he was wrong. Only racists disrespect black women; men, too. But Bill O'reilly's crack about Maxine Brown's hair looking like a “James Brown wig” is something she EARNED. Not by being black, but by letting her big mouth rule her brains. She disrespects President Trump DAILY, yet she thinks she's being “put upon” by those who put her down in return. She talks, all the time, about impeaching Trump, but can't come up with anything REAL for which to impeach him, except that she doesn't like him.

HILLARY DELUDING HERSELF: She still hasn't admitted to herself that the major reason she lost the election is that America wants no part of her socialism. That they're tired of the things Obama has been doing to them for the last 8 years and it was obvious that electing her would give us another four years of wasting our money on the same “social programs,” and movement toward a complete socialist system. She still thinks that the only reason she lost is that America doesn't want a female president. Not so. Sarah Palin, for instance.

A WIN FOR US! That's what Democrats are calling the most recent budget bill, because they get to keep funding the MURDER of defenseless babies. Trump is calling it a win for him because he was able to insert some of HIS budget items into what was, the last Obama budget of his administration. Never mind the baby killing thing. I never thought I'd see the day when politicians would not only fund baby murder, but “crow about it!” Human beings would want to keep that quiet. But not these fools.

DAMNED FOOL DEMOCRATS: They're running ads in Denver knocking the Republican health care bill. Their reasons? The very same things that they built into their own Obamacare! Raising costs and deductibles and all the other things Obama and his fools hailed as so great. The only thing it doesn't have, according to them, is that “mandatory” bit, without which, it won't work. They say it “takes away out health care.” But there IS no “affordable health care” in their own Obamacare.

IT'S NONAYA BUSINESS”: A former DNC head is telling us that what Obama gets for his speeches is none of our business. But it is, because it's a patented way for politicians everywhere to get “payoffs” from people he can help or hinder in their businesses without calling down the wrath of the “Ethics Committee.” It is made obvious by the very SIZE of the payoffs, in Obama's case, which is more than anybody else is getting. And this is the guy who told us we've “earned enough money” while he continues to coin it in huge amounts. For a few minutes of lip flapping, he gets paid as much as he got paid PER YEAR to be president.

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