Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Trump/Russian Connection

Dumocrats are all ashiver about RUMORED Russian connections to Trump in the election that made him president, completely IGNORING the $35 million dollars' worth of stock in a Russian company John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager accepted * (and didn't report, violating federal law) before he joined the White House in 2014. Not a whiff of ANY talk about an “investigation” into that. He's a DUMOCRAT, after all!

LEFT'S AMAZING STUPIDITY: The story about Trump getting two scoops of ice cream while everybody else got one was really stupid, and we thought they couldn't top it. But they have. Now they're all worried about one of Trump's speech writers: Stephen Miller, who, as a writer at the Duke University newspaper wrote that “Islamic terrorists have declared a death sentence on every citizen in this country.” Which is “almost” true, since it would exclude citizens who ARE Muslims. How is writing TRUTH a bad thing? They HAVE declared a death sentence on everybody in this country who does not “convert” to their phony “religion.”

TYPICAL OF THE STUPID LEFT: Terry O'Neil, President oif the National Organization iof Women (NOW) did an op-ed for Huffington Post, in which she said, “Babies wouldn't die so often if we just aborted them.” Translation: to keep babies from dying, just kill them before they are born.” And she talks about abortion as a “lifesaving measure.” Why are we worried about such STUPID people? They can't even figure out that abortion IS death for infants! It's amazing to me how such stupid people can even figure out how to walk and chew gum at the same time.

SHOWING THEIR IGNORANCE: Graduating students walked out on the Vice President of the United States when he was the speaker at their graduation ceremony, thus showing their complete IGNORANCE. They haven't been on this Earth long enough to know anything, but, after four years of listening to liberal professors, think they know it all, and people like Mike Pence or Donald Trump know nothing. That's the problem with ignorant people. They have no idea they ARE ignorant, and think they're the only ones who know anything. It's interesting to note that only 75 out of 3,100 attendees walked out, and their parents did not. In fact, they BOOED the ones who did.

THEY'RE OUR KIDS NOW!” That's what a law they're tying to pass in Texas is saying. If it passes, all Child Protective Services (CPS) has to do is TAKE your children temporarily and you lose the right to decide what medical procedures may be performed on them. That includes vaccinations and even surgery. CPS is well known to be very overzealous in how they operate, and commonly “take the children” without cause and have to return them later—after they have forever damaged them. But this law assumes they “know best.”

THE END FOR THEM: Both Iran and N. Korea are working HARD to make missiles capable of striking American bases. Both of them think they can challenge the might of the American military with their very few, and MAYBE working missiles. What they won't admit to themselves is that if they ever actually succeed in striking an American base, they will have committed suicide. ONE such attack, by either of them, or both, will result in the destruction of their countries. It's like a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind. The flea thinks he can commit an impossible act, but the elephant will sit on him.

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